Can independent colleges test graduate students

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Independent colleges can test graduate students.1. Independent colleges refer to those institutions of higher learning that provide bachelor’s degree education or above in cooperation with social organizations or individuals other than state institutions and use non-state financial funds to provide bachelor’s degree education.To carry out various incentives and supporting policies stipulated in the regulations on the implementation of the Education Promotion Law.Independent institute can take an examination of grind, after all, independent institute at the time of graduation, the students get is the undergraduate degree and degree certificate recognized by the country, so it is in line with the conditions of graduate students enter for an examination.2. As an important part of privately-run higher education, independent colleges enjoy various rewards and supporting policies stipulated by the Privately-run Education Promotion Law and the implementation regulations of privately-run Education Promotion Law for public welfare undertakings.3. Advantages of independent colleges: the potential huge student market has laid a foundation for the existence of independent colleges.With more autonomy, it is easy to establish scientific management system to adapt to market decision-making.It can realize complementary advantages and resource sharing with the Alma mater.It has the characteristics of school-running mechanism being flexible and multi – auspicious.