Health is related to self-healing, do three things to effectively improve the body’s self-healing ability!

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Body self-healing, as the name implies, is the ability of a person’s body to heal itself from diseases, or damaged tissues and organs without taking drugs.Some people say that the body’s self-healing power comes from eating. Do you believe and agree with this statement?In fact, this statement is not correct.In fact, the human body comes out of the factory with a tremendous capacity for self-repair, also known as self-healing power!This healing power comes from our ancestors.For thousands of years, they have lived in the wild, generation after generation, through the long-term fight against various viruses and bacteria, the body’s immune system has accumulated rich experience, and then through continuous evolution, strengthen their own self-healing power, in the body formed a “Great Wall of steel” to block viruses.And this powerful self-healing power in our ancestors, and in the form of DNA implanted in each of us!This DNA includes genes that carry genetic information, called genetic factors.Therefore, if we want to be healthy, we must work on the body’s ability to repair itself, protect and make good use of it, and maintain health is a natural thing!There are three things we can do to heal ourselves, and our health will be safe.1. Protect our ability to repair ourselves.There is no doubt that the gene inherited from our ancestors is a powerful weapon to overcome disease, so that our vitality is exceptionally strong!The problem is that many of the diseases that we have now come from eating!Food and drink in life will not say, especially when there is a disease, and have to take a lot of drugs, to the body’s self-healing power caused greater harm!As a result, there will be more and more diseases, and more and more drugs will be taken, creating a vicious circle. If resistance is formed, it will be even more troublesome!In fact, many diseases can be solved by our own self-healing ability, but many people have to go to the doctor to prescribe medicine for minor ailments and pains.Sometimes, not only is the disease not cured, but it can damage the body’s ability to repair itself.Fan Daiming, former president of the Fourth Military Medical University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, once said, one third of a person’s diseases will be cured if they are not cured, one third will be cured if they are cured, and one third will not be cured.In fact, even the “cure” part of the disease is not cured by drugs alone, but by drugs to boost and stimulate the immune system, and ultimately by immunity.2. Take full advantage of your body’s ability to repair itself.Traditional Chinese medicine, one of the outstanding traditional cultures of the Chinese nation, emphasizes comprehensive treatment of diseases, syndrome differentiation and treatment, balance of Yin and Yang, and even advocates treatment without disease.But western medicine has refined to the cell to treat the disease, and even cut the human body into pieces to treat!Therefore, the concept of treating diseases in Chinese and Western medicine is completely opposite.In fact, if you take too much western medicine or do surgery, you may cure a certain disease, but it will also cause another disease, or even a more serious disease!Therefore, the body is sick of course to treat, but can not completely rely on drugs, to give full play to the role of the body’s self-repair ability.The human body is sick, Chinese medicine is the imbalance of Yin and Yang, the five elements disorder, the body lost balance.If we can use psychological adjustment, a balanced diet, more sun, and other ways to strengthen the body, stimulate immunity, re-let the body’s self-repair power to fight disease, your self-healing power will be restarted, and will be stronger and stronger!3, to maintain and stimulate the self-healing force.A lot of people may ignore, disease in addition to eat out, in fact, the biggest factor causing disease, or psychological negative emotions, has been fully justified, the human body more than 70% of the disease is related to psychological instability!Therefore, anxiety, mental tension, psychological entanglements and other factors, is the damage to the body’s self-healing power of the most important “culprit”, but also the biggest hole in the consumption of life energy!Maintaining mental peace and emotional balance is the key to maintaining self-healing power.Meditation is the best way to stimulate the body’s healing powers.Meditation can relax the body and mind well, receive the reiki of heaven and earth in a very static state, effectively enhance the body’s natural life energy, stimulate the body’s strong self-repair ability.