Huize County will complete the supervision and sampling of the 2022 spring crop seed market

2022-06-07 0 By

In order to further standardize the order of seed market in Huize County, purify the seed market environment, protect the legitimate rights and interests of seed rights holders, and ensure the safety of seeds used in agricultural production.According to the agriculture and rural areas in yunnan province hall office on 2022 spring crop seed market supervision work of the notice and the qujing city bureau of agriculture and rural areas in the spring of 2022 crop seed market supervision and management of the work plan, huize seed station on the county-wide business store sales of crop seed quality supervision and spot check sample,And carefully do sample information record and sample preservation.In the process of sampling, the technical requirements of crop seed inspection regulations should be strictly followed.By March 28, 30 samples were selected, 125% of the 25 tasks were completed, involving 17 stores.The selected samples are mainly used for testing six items, such as water, clarity, germination rate, purity, authenticity and transgenic.Huize County seed Management Station: Chen Changkun Editor: Duan Guoqiang