Participated in three imperial tombs casting, a generation of national teachers, Ming Dynasty Qintian supervisor is Yang Ruchang

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Article/Chen Yifeng Yang Ruchang, wanli of the Ming dynasty years, TaiChang, apocalypse of qin day famous prison officials, former qin days inspect main thin, qin day prison prison officials, including vice, qin day prison prison is successively the participation of the god of wanli dingling, light zong zhu often dingling, luo SiZhou ZuLing (zhu yuanzhang high-impedance cenotaph, great grandfather, grandfather and his grandfather’s actual bury ground) such as tomb to feng shui,For a generation of Ming dynasty geography master, long by the Ming Court highly trusted, Ming Wanli, Taichang, Tianqi three dynasties, the real generation of national master.Yang Ruchang’s main geographical activities in the Ming Dynasty were as follows: In the eleventh year of Wanli (1583), Yang Ruchang was the chief administrator of the Qin Heaven, and participated in the casting of the Tomb of Wanli Emperor of the Ming Shenzong.48 years wanli (1620), April 28, qin day prison prison is Yang Ruchang, again of dingling Chen Yifeng feng shui master, on a visit to dingling geographic pictures 1, after eleven years wanli (1583), qin day Lord book Yang Ruchang, participate in god of wanli Ming tomb BuXuan eleven years wanli (1583) in the first month, qin day Yang Ruchang main book,Participated in the casting of Ming Shenzong wanli Mausoleum.Because of buling meritorious service, in the eleventh year of Wanli (1583) on September 17, Yang Ruchang, the chief of the qintian supervision, was rewarded by the Wanli Emperor.Qintian supervisor main book hall, qintian supervisor internal affairs organization, its chief officer mainly book, is eight products.”Ming God records” records: Wanli eleven years (1583) September 17, b did not day to ji soil into the ceremony, plus the former assistant minister Zhang Siwei, Yin a son into the prison reading, silver fifty-two, color 叚 four table.First auxiliary Shen Shi Xing plus less fu and prince Tai Fu, change the ministry of shangshu, build a temple bachelor, Yin a son, into the prison reading.Yu Youding plus less protection, change the Ministry of Household Shang Shu, Wu Yingdian grand bachelor.Xu Guo, plus prince Taibao and Wenyuan Ge bachelor.Besides, the other officials still have the mandate.Ding Guogong Xu Wenbi, plus less bao and taibao prince.Chang Wu Bo Yang Bing, plus taifu crown prince.Xu Xuemo of the Ministry of Rites, Yang Zhao of the Ministry of Works, and prince Shao Bao.Ministry of Rites minister Gao Qiyu, ministry of Works minister he Qiming, and division officer Lv Xing, Zhou Gexin, Yan Bang, each rise salaries level.Qin Tian vice superintendent Zhang Bangyuan, promoted two.Master book Yang Ruchang, Ou Chengyi, each level.Officiating eunuch Zhang Hong, Yin Di nephew one, for jinyi Weizheng thousand households.2, Wanli twenty years in February, Bingshen day, sent Qin Tian supervisor Deputy Yang Ruchang, check the Mausoleum Ming Ming Mausoleum is located in the west side of Hongze Lake, huaihe River into the lake, the Ming Dynasty was under the jurisdiction of fengyang Mansion in southern Zhili province.The tomb of Zhu Yuanzhang’s great-grandfather, great-grandfather and the actual burial place of his grandfather.When sizhou city was submerged in the lake, the Ming Mausoleum was also submerged.Ming Dynasty tomb, is located in nine gang 18 wa land.In 1494 AD, Liu Daxia built the Taihang Dike to block the northern branch of the Yellow River. After the southern branch seized huai River and entered the sea, the river began to be in disorder. The middle and lower reaches of the Huai River were flooded year after year, and Zuling suffered constant floods.Wanli twenty years, wanli twenty-five years, Qintian supervision vice Yang Ruchang, twice to see the tomb feng shui reconstruction.In the 21st year of Jiajing (AD 1542), the east of Lingling continued to build dikes.In 1680, the Ming Tombs and Sizhou city were finally engulfed by the flood.After the long-term erosion and impact of the lake, the mound has been leveled, the original ground brick and wood buildings were mostly destroyed, only the remaining lixingmen, the main hall, the east and west hip roof sites and the remaining 30 large columns, brick arch buildings 3, but the 21 pairs of stone statues on both sides of the Shinto mostly intact.In 1963, when the water level of Hongze Lake dropped, the Ming Mausoleum could be seen again, but all the wooden buildings were gone, except for the walls of Wailuo City and the stone statues excavated and restored later.According to the Records of Emperor Shenzong of Ming Dynasty, in February of the 20th year of Wanli, Yang Ruchang, deputy superintendent of Qintian, was sent to zuling of Sizhou to examine the shuikou.Look at zhu Yuanzhang’s ancestral grave.Magical people, often have magical family graves.Magical geography breeds amazing people.In the first year of the Yuan Dynasty, zhu Qi, the grandfather of Zhu Yuanzhang, fled to Xuyi with his whole family and lived in Sunjiagang, 13 li north of the ancient city of Sizhou.Sun Jiagang Yang Jiadun home has a hollow, Zhu Yuanzhang’s grandfather Zhu Qi often lie in the place.Once, a Taoist priest passing by saw the terrain and said, “If you are buried here, your descendants will be born.”Ten years later, in 1327 AD, Zhu Died of illness and was buried here, as the Taoist priest said.Half a year later, Zhu’s wife Chen was pregnant with Zhu Yuanzhang.Later zhu Yuanzhang gradually made his fortune.After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang proclaimed his great-grandfather Zhu Bailiu as the Xuan Emperor, his great-grandfather Zhu Sijiu as the Heng Emperor, and his grandfather Zhu Qiqi as the Yu Emperor, and built three generations of yiguanjia in the place.In the 18th year of Hongwu (1386), Zhu Biao, the crown Prince, was ordered to repair the mausoleum, which was basically completed in the 11th year of Yongle (1413), and then continued to be rebuilt, expanded, rebuilt and added waterproof dike until the 26th year of Wanli (1598), which lasted for 213 years.Nineteenth year of the reign of emperor kangxi (1680), the yellow, huai and inflation, Ming ZuLing and SiZhou flooded at the same time, Ming ZuLing original walls and house buildings, such as giant kirin, lion, column, horse officer, horse, Lamar shi, civil officials and military commanders, the eunuch 21 to work up to 2.51 meters to 6.50 meters of stone were flood for lodging.3, 25 years wanli, qin day supervisor vice Yang Ruchang, see ZuLing feng shui rebuilding the emperor bright Wen Bian concerning the collection of the meeting shall be of the intercept tribute rice shu “, for the right organization all suggestion and main grain transportation, the governor fengyang fu lee three to each, play on the throne of emperor wanli, including supervisor supervisor vice Yang Ruchang about qin day, see ZuLing reconstruction records of feng shui.The minister saw that the Yellow River from the upper source goes to Demeng Wall Temple, Xiaojiakou, And Huijue diffuse bo Su area, into the Vortex river, Xiwuhe river, through Sizhou Hongze Lake, and qinghe estuary, the boundless ocean.Its Lijikou, Huang 堌 town mouth, Xu API area old river, then pinglu.Pay mausoleum, while in fortune, the people’s livelihood, is very tight, is a matter of national interest, the minister and has the responsibility of giving the cycle, real cutting effect, so get busy together according to the minister Wu Chongli problem, strong 勑 party river, 趂 hydrophobic cure, optimal total river Liu Dongxing ministers, die minister chi to SiZhou, bow to restrain ZuLing, together with the ethos according to the minister Wu Chongli look around all around, the pine, sheba lush real points of huang huai guide work four or five years.That is, the river as far south as possible, diffuse and come, but also the end of the ear.However, there is water under the old Longzui Jinshui Bridge, but it is all in the golden ditch, which is due to the dragon water law.Namely encounter water diffuse, have east dike area can rely on.This east dike, is wanli 25 years qintian supervisor vice Yang Ruchang, was ordered to come to see feng shui reconstruction, with a gate seat, section to declare.Check this year’s water mark, less than two feet than the first year, but consider the next summer water hair, it is difficult to reverse 覩 ear.Go according to provincial officials, the zhoujia Bridge, Gaoliangjian and Wujiadun sluices. 趂 it is discharged beside the three sluices. that is, water will be big next year.It also dredge the mouth of the Huaihe river, the Yongji River and the mouth of the You Qing River, and inject it into the sea through the east of the Ladder pass of Andong County, so as to divert the downstream flow and protect the ancestral tombs.Henan canal, because of the decision to return to Germany.See this restoration bian dike, and jiangbei Suzhou, with this dike one after another, according to the road discussed in detail: from yongcheng county boundary first shop to build 30 li, xu Xikou White river, wan river east, this current control on the source, the protection of the cemetery plan also.To the area of Xu Xiapi suqian and Mo ‘er Zhuang below zhenkou zha, the roads were blocked, although jia River stopped the light and small boats.Turn 盻 heavy transport will be coming, how can it help, according to the road government officials, from zhenkou zha, to Mo erzhuang, imitate the system of zha River, this discussion opened the beginning of Jia River, after shu is due to the new river minister Li Xiangyi and become, every thirty li to build a gate, according to the time to open and close, to pass the grain ship, cover Jia River into.With this gate two road parallel, namely river fu old road.Still line old river, also do not hinder with new gate.In the affairs of my lords, the corpus hands work, though at the end of the year it cannot be finished, I believe it can be finished in the month.The current relief of the new transport plan is also, but the current plan to go wrong, and the river back to the old way, and must not be urgent plan, since the wall temple of Demeng breach, as well as Li Jihuang 堌 jiancheng set, shuhe plug, dike project, is a place in Henan and Shandong, where all the ministers see this assessment cooking.And in jiangbei since the city set, to zhenkou zha check, pick dredged river canal, about the fee silver 190 thousand odd.It is necessary to discuss the retention of grain, which is the best way to restore the old road, maintain the mausoleum, preserve the canal, and lay down the peaceful people for a long time.Cover river not two lines, this sebi pass for several decades, and he will migrate, or still hasten the old way, and silt again into the river.Since ancient times, there has been no river that cannot be cured for a hundred years.But this urgent will be rushed to the place, thick dike, camera shunshui sex, so that the beam of water on the way to pick canal but drainage.This theory is consistent with Pan Siong, and the scouring is actually guided by the force of the whole river according to the situation. If water is used to control the water, the whole thing can be accomplished.The blockage is seen as open pick, more laborious, a pick a plug, two work and xing, review the potential degree of force, not minister fool a foot, may be alone.When I look at a river, that person looks like this.If you care about the painting, please send money and grain, jifu 庀 material, you are fine, but you can do it without profit to help you stay at peace.4, Wanli forty-eight years (1620), April 28, qin Tianjian is Yang Ruchang, again phase dingling feng shui “Ming God Records” records: Wanli forty-eight years (1620), April 28, b hai ordered the ministry of Works Zhou Jiamu, the ministry of Rites right groom Sun Such as you, in conjunction with the supervisor Wang Liangde, inspection factory warehouse.Engineering to fan Jishi, Guangxi Road imperial history Wang Yuanyi, Tuntian Silangzhong Zhang Mo, supervisor Wang Zhan, the beginning of the temple priest Kang Xinmin, led the Qintian supervisor Yang Ruchang, etc., attainments of the tomb, a phase should be repaired, and make the discussion with play.TaiChang first year (1620), September 10th, qin day prison prison is Yang Ruchang, follow does right assistant minister ling fang, participate in BuXuanMing light zong zhu often celebrates the ling of 5, luo TaiChang first year (1620), September 10th, qin day prison prison is Yang Ruchang, participate in taichang Chang Luoqing zhu ling BuXuan tomb TaiChang first year (1620), September 10th, qin day prison prison is Yang Ruchang,Following li Tengfang, the right minister of Rites, selected the imperial tomb for Zhu Changluo Qing Mausoleum of the Emperor Guangzong, and finally settled the tomb of the Emperor Guangzong at the huangshan Ridge, which was submitted by Li Tengfang, the right minister of Rites, in the memorial of Qing Mausoleum, “Selecting the Mountain Mausoleum shuo”, mentioned the qin Tian supervisor Yang Ruchang, led the eight officials of the Qin Tian supervisor, participated in the emperor Guangzong’s tomb casting.”Choose mountain hill sparse” record is as follows: ministry of Rites right chamberlant and academician courtyard shi read bachelor, teaching, ordinary jishi, palm courtyard matter minister some, and so on, honor is entitled to choose mountain hill matter.First of all, the ministry of Rites was called funeral service, and the mausoleum service was heavy. First, the second ministry of Rites and Works was headed by the supreme official, who led the qin Heaven supervision, and visited those who were proficient in geography to choose this.On September 11, the first year of Taichang (1620), his majesty invited him to the court.Chen Yongguang resides in the Ministry of Works wood factory, Chen Teng Fang resides in Changping Prefecture.It was night, chin day supervisor eight people to see.The next morning, with the minister hair from the State of Xie xie, before to stone brand building, slowly review the shape of the mountains inside and outside.Ji into the red door, kowtow bi, then the supervisor Yang Ruchang said: there are six beautiful land, invited the minister to decide.From pinggang under the double spring valley, the water by sand fly, ruthless.Since shuangquan for the line longshan, Yang Ruchang refers to the banner of god zong, to show minister, cover a small Venus also.Though the head and face are round and clean and the body is humble, it seems that he can hide the bow and sword.There is only a lawn on it, not a star grid.And the main mountain is the old name python, qunfeng phase pull, hill are inclined, chest and abdomen section, diarrhea water into the trough, particularly ominous.The full text.