Scary wave: Once in 1300 years!How did the 17.8-meter “mad dog wave” come about?

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On February 12, 2022, CNN reported an eye-opening news that a wave of 58 feet (17.8 meters) was recorded off the coast of Canada in 2020. According to a study by scientists at the University of Victoria in Canada, such a huge wave only occurs once every 1,300 years on average.17.8 meters is a high wave, Canadian scientists have never seen it?I believe you must be wondering, 17.8 meters is also counted once in a thousand years?Is this counting giant waves on Mars?Before you get busy, take a look at how Canadian scientists have documented and illustrated this.In November 2020, a 17.8-meter “Rogue Wave” was recorded off the coast of Vancouver, Canada. Literally, it means “Rogue wave,” but it has another name, “Mad Dog Wave,” and it’s a very scary wave. Basically, the scene description goes like this:In the south Pacific, a ocean-going freighter was driving waves through the earth’s largest “no man’s land”, suddenly outposts loud report a huge waves hit, but obviously the helmsman even full right rudder also failed to escape the waves of attacks, higher than that of ship waves moment will ship spilled, ship sank, only a few sailors climbed the lifeboat,And handed down is this kind of “mad dog wave” legend.Almost is such, because wave generated when the waves around is not high, in the wave of global recorded, basic it is about 2 times around the ocean waves, near vancouver, but a buoy recorder recorded the waves don’t generally, according to the data provided at the time, the waves around only about six meters, also known as the wave appeared around 3 times of the waves.How did “mad dog wave” come into being, and why did it happen once in 1300 years?First of all, it’s important to note that unlike tsunamis, maddog waves are entirely wind-driven, which means they are much more frequent than tsunamis, but because they are hard to sustain and observe, there aren’t many records.There are several theories about how crazy dog waves can occur. One is that two waves are traveling at different speeds, their peak wavelength and advance speed may not be the same, but at some point the highest wave heights add up to form two crazy dog waves. This is called linear superposition.Nonlinear focusing Another way of saying it is nonlinear focusing: waves can interact with each other and the energy between them can be converted into each other.These interactions can conspire to produce wild dog waves.Amin Chabchoub, wave physicist at the University of Sydney.Linear addition can explain some of the craziness, but it underestimates the possibilities in special cases, while nonlinear methods are more effective.In some cases, the two interpretive mechanisms converge to push waves to incredible heights.But regardless of the cause, the average “mad dog wave” is only about twice the height of the surrounding waves. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, has an extreme “mad dog wave” of three times the height. After rigorous modeling, Canadian scientists believe that it only occurs once in about 1300 years.So this wave wasn’t the highest, but the complexity of its mechanism makes it an extremely rare event, so it won’t happen again until after 1300?Not at all. It could be the next moment.The world’s most terrible “mad dog wave”, hidden in the sea the most terrible killer!”Mad dog waves” have long been known, and there have been cases of ships capsizing before scientists confirmed the existence of these rare waves, most of them completely, with devastating results.Ms in Munich, the sinking of the December 7, 1978, this LASH ship left port, carrying a large number of barges and a crew of 28 to cross the Atlantic ocean, the destination in savannah, Georgia, USA, the ship was carrying a nuclear reactor shell, although in the north Atlantic suffered a winter storm, but the excellence of it as a LASH ship design can guarantee that it won’t sink.At 0:05 on December 12, MS Munchen accidentally contacted the Lady Munich, complaining of bad weather and wishing her a pleasant cruise. But just three hours later, the Panamanian freighter Marion received a distress message.It was handed over to the Soviet freighter Marya Yermolova and the German tugboat Titan, but sadly the nearest ship was 200km away!A massive search for MS Munchen, who died north of the Azores, continued until December 20th, with nothing but a few lifeboats and containers found on the surface of the 261-metre-long ship, which disappeared in the North Atlantic.Ms in Munich, the sinking of the reason is a mystery, breakthrough is found on the boat, because the lifeboat is hanging in the distance to the surface of the superstructure of more than 20 meters high, according to its fall off, is a up to more than 20 meters ahead of the ship in waves suddenly fall from this height, it because of its suspension is abruptly was bent pin,There is no other way to do this than with the immense power of a moment.While in the north Atlantic never has a formal observation records that, scientists in the heart of a suspicious, and in informal wave attack, there are these shocking case: in 1861, the Irish eagle island lighthouse was attacked by a giant wave, solid lighthouse glass shattered, instant and it is located in 40 meters high cliff, itself and 26 meters high;In 1909, a South African ship capsized, killing 211 people on board, including the crew. Investigators believe it may have been hit by a mad dog wave.In 1942, the British passenger ship “Queen Mary” encountered huge waves during its voyage, reaching a height of 29 meters. The ship’s body suddenly tilted to 52 degrees, and the 310-meter-long and 55-meter-high ship almost collapsed. The captain described that a huge wall of water was coming towards her, and it looked like the ship was going to hit the White Cliffs of Dover..There have been a number of cases of “mad dog waves” destroying ships, but the first to be officially recorded was by unit E of Draupner, an oil platform in the North Sea, which can withstand waves up to 20 metres high and is fitted with a laser height recorder at the bottom to assess wave height.At 3 PM on January 1, 1995, the equipment is recorded by the big wave high of 25.6 meters (84 feet) from the “wave”, the platform have been damaged, the waves around the platform at the time of the wave is 12 meters high, the steep height of the waves is never seen by scientists, whose character is beyond any known wave model, has attracted scientists’ great interest.In 2000 the RRS Discovery, a British oceanographic vessel, recorded waves of 29m off Scotland;In 2004, ESA’s MaxWave project recorded more than a dozen waves of more than 25 meters over a three-week period in the South Atlantic;Scientists have found a similar mechanism in Lake Superior, albeit on a smaller scale than in the ocean.In 2019, scientists created a wave with characteristics similar to Draupner waves in waves that meet at 120 degrees in a wave generator.Draupner wave images of the simulation, 2019 shows when the waves with different cross Angle, wave steepness how to form the global have more than one university to do a lot of research on wave, also understand its causes, the main solution is now combined with radar waves around the ship for real-time monitoring, forecast is given in the bud before it actually happened,Let the ship as far as possible to avoid the path of mad dog waves, to avoid being beaten to death by a wave.