THE 7 | to a new generation of THE BMW design philosophy, shape THE majestic demeanor

2022-06-07 0 By

Between the movements and movements, it reflects the vast and glorious new BMW 7 series design language of a new generation, creating a future flagship. Outline the breathtaking attitude of walking across the sky and earth, controlling the grand potential, showing the majestic beauty from any Angle. 1.Sculptural intelligent laser headlamp, slender and sharp, combined with the high – spirited hood, deduce calm demeanor.The whole front face design is full of power, no matter at rest or on the road, it sends out a strong aura that can not be ignored.The new vertical design of the shark’s gill-side vents optimizes aerodynamics while revealing powerful potential and sharp and bold sports charm.Chrome trim extends from the shark gills to the rear wheel cover, creating a delicate overall flow.Roaring and galloping, light and shadow flow with it, everywhere he goes, always attract eyes to follow.The new BMW 7 Series is specially designed for 3D three-dimensional rear appearance, which is carefully outlined by long penetrating LED taillights and chrome trim, making the rear lines more elegant and stable.The new design of rear bumper, so that the overall level is more distinct, elegant, solemn style is coming out.Both inside and outside, the luxurious executive cabin of majestic style is achieved. The luxurious luxurious executive cabin of four seats is made of Merino leather with exquisite taste and extended diamond pattern stitching, which opens the noble sensory environment.The intelligent driver assistance system of the new BMW 7 Series enables you to follow the car at low speed with your hands free.If you are driving on a closed road with no pedestrians and the current driving speed is below 60km/h, you can use this system to take your hands off the steering wheel and relieve the boredom of monotonous driving.But you must always keep your eyes on the road and be ready to take over the vehicle.When the speed of the car is 35km/h and you find it impossible to stop or move forward, the new BMW 7 Series will automatically reverse the car back 50 meters, creating enough distance for you to move forward easily and calmly when facing unexpected challenges.