Warm Hebei Spring Festival community on the eve of the Spring Festival wonderful collection

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Warm winter days make dumplings happy neighbors a family to promote the communication between the neighborhood community residents, enhance the cohesion between residents, promote rural civilization.On January 5th, Hebei Community and Nanjing Jiangning District Transcending Volunteer Service Center launched the theme activity of “Warm winter Days make dumplings happy Neighborhood family”.This activity, not only let residents feel the warmth of the community, but also pulled into the feelings between neighbors, harmonious relationship between neighbors, so that the neighborhood in the dumplings continue to pass.The aim is to enhance the cohesion of the community and create a clean, tidy and comfortable environment.Hebei community and Nanjing Jiangning District Transcendence Volunteer Service Center launched the “Villagers earn points, village look new” theme activity on January 19.In order to let families in the community understand the traditional customs, feel the festive atmosphere and cultivate the tacit understanding and creativity between parents and children.On January 9, 2022, Hushu Street Women’s Federation, Hebei Community Women’s Federation, Hushu Central Kindergarten and Jiangning District Mingshuxuan Reading Service Center jointly launched the “Children’s Fun Laba Festival, Creative DIY” parent-child activity.This activity shortens the distance between parents and children, strengthens the creative ability of children, and deeply roots the Traditional Chinese culture in the hearts of children through this way of entertaining and teaching.In order to promote the traditional Culture of the Chinese nation and create a good festive atmosphere, Nanjing Jiangning District Beyond service Center in Hebei community with strong support launched on the afternoon of September 9, “We spend laba together” activities.The Laba Festival carries forward the traditional folk culture, enhances the relationship between communities and neighbors, and also conveys the New Year wishes to every resident in this big family.In order to welcome the 2022 Spring Festival, let community residents have a deeper understanding and understanding of the Chinese New Year culture, and create a festive and peaceful atmosphere.On January 13, 2022, Hebei Community and Nanjing Jiangning District Transco Volunteer Service Center launched the activity of “Welcome the Spring Festival and send” Happiness home “.This activity, let the community feel the New Year atmosphere, for everyone to send a unique new Gift and good wishes.In the event, we passed our blessings and were touched, adding to the festive atmosphere for the upcoming Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger.Integral and polite Good faith in ceremony on January 24th the morning, a “integral and polite Integrity in the ritual “as the theme of family integrity points for activities held in hebei community activities chengxin group teacher again and publicize integral system, through the positive and negative contrast before and after, for example, let people know more about integral standard thoroughly.Before the points were exchanged, the star list was publicized, and then two credit points volunteers exchanged corresponding items for everyone in an orderly manner according to the List of Residents’ Credit Points.In this exchange activity, a total of 37 groups of families participated in the exchange of 148 credit gifts, residents returned with a full load, an annual credit gift is the biggest affirmation of their hard work.