With Russia’s relations with Ukraine at war and Putin’s return overnight, the U.S. media is fanning rumors of a Russian invasion

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The Western media often discredit other countries by fabricating rumors. Now, Bloomberg of the United States has once again shown the lower limit. On February 4, Bloomberg of the United States published the news that “Russia has launched an invasion of Ukraine”.Bloomberg’s lurch of disinformation, which lasted 30 minutes before it was taken down, has caused an uproar because the panic was so great that it hit first in Ukraine.202202076/ Aviation Vision /AZ, this time bloomberg is after Russian President Vladimir Putin returned to Moscow overnight on February 4, putin attended the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing on February 4, in addition to holding a bilateral summit with China.Russian President Vladimir Putin returned to Moscow at a time of heightened tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which has been preparing for war since 2021, including a surge of troops in eastern Ukraine and an increased deployment of troops along the border with Crimea.Ukrainian troops mobilize is in America’s instigation, dialogue in Ukraine and Russia, the United States and other western countries provides support for Ukraine, the United States in 2014 has carried on the sanctions for Russia, because the Russian won for the control of the Crimea, at the same time the east into the semi-independent state,Ukraine has lost control of eastern Ukraine.After Russian President overnight return to Moscow, the United States has openly disinformation bloomberg, before the United States will continue to render Russia “invasion” of the risk of Ukraine, the United States time on February 4 in the afternoon, the bloomberg is crossed the red line, in the case of without any proof, bloomberg announced that Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine war directly,Once again exposing the dark side of the US and the rest of the West, aviation vision believes that the US has been bending the fire and trying to trigger a direct conflict between Russia and Ukraine that could bring Russia down.Russia is facing a 30-member NATO, Russia’s economy is weak, and the United States and other Western countries have maintained a strategy of hostility to Russia.The timing of the bloomberg openly disinformation very subtle, is the point, the President returned to Moscow in Russia so give a person a kind of very real sense, aviation vision that the U.S. may “limit test” by bloomberg, by making false information to test the reaction of the parties, usually send out the news of the war is layer upon layer audit,This time, the fake news lasted for 30 minutes, which was a very strange phenomenon. Eventually, Bloomberg took down the related news, and then issued a mild “apology”, claiming that it was an accidental release. From the wording of Bloomberg, aviation industry believes that there is a plan.After bloomberg disinformation publicly in the United States, Russia has lodged a protest to the bloomberg, us media have crossed the red line is very bad, especially in the relationship between Russia and Ukraine in the stage of the tense, because once a misjudgment, both sides could be a real war, if from the point of view of conspiracy theories, bloomberg would suspect the United States is interested in.The United States and Western countries often through fabricated news to carry out all kinds of incitement and slander, aviation vision believes that this is to cause caution, the West has always used public opinion to create publicity, so it is a bad track.