How to be a good entrepreneur?See Tan Xuguang in shandong Heavy Industry annual meeting how to say

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On the morning of January 29, Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, presided over the 2022 Annual meeting of Shandong Heavy Industry Group.”Online + offline, domestic + overseas”, more than 3800 executives of ownership companies around the world attended the conference.In 2021, Shandong Heavy Industry Group continued to maintain a positive and steady development trend and achieved a good start of the “14th Five-Year Plan” with four major highlights.Highlight 1: Significant increase in market share;Highlight 2: Overseas business growth significantly;Highlight 3: Leading the world in scientific and technological achievements;Highlight 4: Good results have been achieved in driving investment.”How far are trillions of dollars?”Tan Xuguang believes that magnifying defects and self-revolution are the distinctive cultural characteristics of enterprises.Only when success does not expand, and when difficulties are tough, can an enterprise prosper.Facing the strategic goal of building Trillion Group in 2030, we should focus on four questions: how to break the ceiling of the main business?Strategic new business why do not do?What is the way to create a new group?How to create a high level of external circulation?”How to lead the technological revolution and industrial transformation in the industry?”According to Tan Xuguang, the core strategy of the group is “technology-led + solutions”, transforming from an equipment manufacturing group to a technology-led equipment solution group, and creating four solutions: energy power, intelligent logistics, intelligent agriculture and intelligent construction.”Dual carbon” ≠ new energy, energy transformation is not new energy replacing everything, the future must be the era of diversified energy structure.The traditional energy industry should remain committed to promoting industrial upgrading through scientific and technological innovation, and make greater contributions to the “double carbon” initiative. This is our social responsibility.”We cannot go to the capital market to cheat, we cannot go to local governments to exchange investment for the market. We have never done this before, we have never done this now and we will never do this in the future.When we invest in different places, the first consideration is to create tax revenue for the local government and to create a market for our products, rather than to ask local governments for subsidies.””How about 2022?”‘We have to fight, fight and win,’ Tan said.Continuous improvement of market share;Product competitiveness leaps;New energy business to the forefront;New forms of business highlight new advantages;Overseas business took off;Soe reform has dug up a “land mine”.”How to be an excellent entrepreneur in the new era?”Tan xuguang shared with us twelve words: loyalty, clean, passion, mind, innovation, transparency.Loyalty is the belief, responsibility and national feelings of a Chinese entrepreneur, which is reflected in loyalty to the Party, the country, the society, shareholders and employees.Loyalty to the Party is the spirit of state-owned entrepreneurs, the leaders of state-owned enterprises can not be loyal to the Party;Loyalty to the country is the mission of the industry to serve the country, science and technology power;Loyalty to society is not only reflected in economic value, but also in promoting social progress and sustainable development. An enterprise that simply relies on government subsidies and tax returns to survive has no value.Loyalty to shareholders is to let shareholders get more returns for their investment;Loyalty to employees means to respect employees, achieve employees, and make the enterprise full of love.We have to put loyalty in our blood. Any entrepreneur without faith is not a real entrepreneur.Cleanliness is not only the party’s basic requirement for the heads of state-owned enterprises, but also the bottom line constraint for all entrepreneurs in a country ruled by law.Clean does not exist state-owned, private points, there is no domestic, foreign points.In the market economy, “bacteria” and “virus” are everywhere. Entrepreneurs should have strong immunity and resistance.Any illegal speculation will eventually be punished by the law, can not hide but 15.Only his ass clean, can stand up straight, dare to light a sword!When I first took office in 1998, I proposed three rules, one of which was to set an example and be honest and honest. We will do first what our employees are required to do, and we will never do what our employees are not allowed to do.In business because of personal ability to make mistakes can be tolerated, but touch the red line will never be tolerated, do it to the end!Passion comes from dreams.Every excellent entrepreneur, his mind must be full of career, career is more important than life;His footsteps must be never stop running, especially enjoying the process of pursuing dreams, the joy of career success, even the tears and failures.The most important thing is that passion should be translated into performance and results. An entrepreneur who only knows how to cheat but does not take action is the corruption of his position.Our cadres who dawdle all day had better take the initiative to apply for being laid off and go home as soon as possible.There was a recent article about the “pseudo-executive theory” and I agree.In 2016, I put forward the “four eternal preservation” for teams at all levels, “eternal crisis consciousness, continuous self-denial;Always keep entrepreneurial passion, set up high morale;Always maintain the spirit of reform, dare to hit the contradiction;Always maintain a pragmatic style, resolutely implement in place.”These “four eternal” is our team recognized, then we must execute together!Mind reflects the world outlook of an entrepreneur, mind how much, how much platform.A world-class entrepreneur must have an international vision, a strategic vision, a keen sense of smell and a broad mind.The group has 216 domestic and international companies operating in more than 150 countries and 150,000 employees worldwide.In the face of different legal and cultural environments, how to seek common ground while shelving differences, learn from each other and achieve win-win development in the collision of ideas and cultural integration, this is a university question.Without a broad mind, it is impossible to control such a large multinational group.Of course, it is not up to you to evaluate how open-minded an entrepreneur is. It depends on whether your team recognizes you and your employees support you. The society will naturally give you a fair evaluation.Innovation is the soul of entrepreneurs.In the equipment manufacturing industry, strategic entrepreneurs are strategic scientists, who should have a strong ability of systematic engineering innovation, a strong scientist “crazy” spirit, and a strong philosophical logic method.If you are not a tech entrepreneur, you cannot lead your company to become a global leader in the cutthroat competition in your industry.Innovation is about thinking outside the box, breaking path dependence, breaking rules and regulations, doing what others dare not do, and going where others have not gone before.The road of innovation is never plain sailing. There are lonely people who are not understood, lonely people who stick to it for ten years, and pressure of failure. This is where the charm and value of innovation lies.Without the ultimate pursuit of science and technology, without a decade of long-term investment, our diesel engine thermal efficiency can not shock the world.Transparency requires entrepreneurs to make transparent decisions, work transparently and supervise transparently, which is an important management methodology to build great enterprises.Wherever the sun doesn’t shine, bacteria are bound to grow.We have been promoting transparent management, whether it is opening a blog for the management team, or replacing all the offices of leading cadres with “glass doors”, so that the sunshine can cover every corner of the company.My management approach is to put all the cards on the table.Only by achieving fair governance and consistent measurement in transparent management can we ensure that entrepreneurs can command effectively and teams can execute effectively.Source: Dazhong Daily