【 Huanghekou Ecological Tourism Zone 】 Welcome visitors from all over the world to celebrate the Spring Festival

2022-06-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, the Huanghekou Ecological tourism Area presents a festive atmosphere of prosperity, happiness, peace and happiness. The tourists are in high spirits, wave after wave, groups of orderly into the scenic spot is also very lively.They flocked to the scenic spots in a happy and peaceful tourist scenic spot the cooperation with the relevant prevention and control of inspection and orderly into the visitor center, museum of birds strong festival atmosphere attracts tourists have clock in taking tourists have happy smile on her face, put more joy here ~ in grahame road to appreciate beauty at the same time to slow down,Enjoying the deep love between their relatives in the Yellow River bank in front of the stone monument to take pictures, leaving pictures full of happy scenery tourists The New Year is still going on, let’s take action together into the Yellow River Mouth and family have a happy Year Fu Hu Spring everything is going well