Supplementary nucleic acid testing for all personnel in key areas of Seaports area!SOS

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About the key area in haigang district full of complementary nucleic acid detection notice in order to protect the people’s life safety and body health, protect the current hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control, according to the epidemic prevention and control work demand, the area and submitted to the municipal leading group for the epidemic prevention and control research leading group agreed to epidemic prevention and control, decided to focus area residents to carry out free full complementary nucleic acid detection work,The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows: 1. Sampling and testing will be conducted from February 17 to 18, 2022 (8:30 to 17:30 every day). 2. Sampling sites will be uniformly arranged in the designated places according to the Seaport Economic Development Zone and each town and street.Residents who failed to take nucleic acid tests in key areas on February 12, 13 and 15.(1) Residents are requested to make preparations in advance, carry the electronic health code, and go to the designated sites for nucleic acid sampling in an orderly manner according to the organization and arrangement of communities, villages and volunteers for epidemic prevention, so as to ensure that all samples are checked and no one is left behind.(2) The competent and supervisory departments of various industries shall organize the supplementary testing of all nucleic acid testing personnel in the industries and enterprises that have not participated in the key areas, and organize their employees to take nucleic acid testing samples at the sampling sites.(3) In order to avoid the risk of infection in the process of nucleic acid collection, residents should wear masks correctly and queue up at an interval of 1 meter. Smoking, spitting and removing masks are strictly prohibited.After sampling, wear a mask and leave the venue in an orderly manner.(4) After supplementary nucleic acid testing for all personnel in key areas, those who still have not undergone nucleic acid testing shall undergo nucleic acid testing at their own expense.Those who fail to take nucleic acid tests and cause the spread of the epidemic will be held accountable in accordance with the law.Notice of the Working Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Outbreak of COVID-19 on 16 February 2022 On The Urgent Search for risk groups At 16:00 on 15 February, Haikou CDC received a letter of assistance from Qinhuangdao CDC to Tangshan CDC, which said:A passenger with a confirmed COVID-19 case surnamed Wang gets off the train at Qinhuangdao Railway Station.After the flow investigation, one risk related person was not found.The specific situation is as follows: on February 12, Xx of Cimigu took a taxi from the exit of the underground parking lot of the railway station (the driver’s wechat payment name: “Give the taxi wechat payment code”, time: 1:26 am, wechat payment: 16 YUAN) and got off at the east gate of Area C of Shuifang.Take the personnel with husband Lv mou, daughter Lv mou.Taxi drivers who take the above passengers during this time period should report to the Harbor Center for Disease Control and Prevention and cooperate with the control.We hereby inform you.Contact Number: 3553616/3553625 Harbour District Center for Disease Control and Prevention February 16, 2022 (source: Harbour District Financial Media Center)