The 95-year-old Queen of England drives a Land Rover but doesn’t have a licence. The King of Brunei is worth $70 billion and owns 7,000 luxury cars

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The Queen may be 95 years old, but she can still be seen driving at high speeds.That’s not really the reason.That’s because all driving licences in the UK are issued by the Queen, so it’s no surprise that she has the privilege.In fact, the Queen does not have a driving licence. She has been driving without a licence since she was 16 until she was 95.Not only does the Queen not have a licence, but she does not need a licence to drive.It is well known that many of the Queen’s items are custom-made and not available to the average person, as are her cars.Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Daimler have so far provided bespoke cars for the royal family.In 2002, the Queen, who has been in office for 50 years, was given two bespoke Bentley cars, one black and one Burgundy.The bodies of both cars have undergone some safety treatment and modification, most notably the logo.The logo of the two cars can be changed depending on the occupant’s status, and if the Queen is in the car, the logo will change from the iconic ‘WING B’ to the symbolic ‘St George Slays the Dragon’.The Queen is a big fan of the cars and they have been seen on many occasions, including the black Bentley in which the Queen and Prince Philip rode to their grandsons Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011.Before the Queen’s accession to the throne, the royal limousine franchise was owned by Daimler, but after the queen’s accession, it was changed to Rolls-Royce.In fact, before Elizabeth ascended the throne, she owned a Rolls-Royce iv Phantom, a total of 18 cars of this model were produced, one of which was bought by Queen Elizabeth of The United Kingdom, the following we will talk about the King of Brunei also had a car, the other 16 are sold to the heads of state or royal family members.The Queen is so fond of the phantom that she used it for her accession to the throne and for her engagement to Prince Philip, and it has been her parade car ever since.In addition to these royal cars, the Queen is also very fond of Land Rover and Jaguar. In 2012, the Royal family acquired two More Jaguars as the Queen’s official vehicles, but jaguar is less frequently seen on important occasions than Rolls-Royce and Bentley.What does the Queen drive when she is not at work?If you know the British royal family, you will know that they all love range Rovers.Once, Saudi prince visited Britain, the British queen drove his beloved Land Rover, to meet him.A Saudi prince was shocked to find the Queen in the driver’s seat as there were no female drivers in Saudi Arabia at the time.The Range Rover has a lot in common with British military vehicles in terms of shape and temperament, and as a woman who used to repair and drive military trucks, the Queen is definitely a fan of the Range Rover.Former soldiers Prince Philip, Prince William and Prince Harry all own Land Rovers.Prince Charles, the future king of Britain, also has a number of cars in stock, including the Rolls-Royce Phantom 5, Aston Martin DB6, V8 and Audi A6. The Range Rover Charles is also owned by members of the royal family.But even if the British royal family members all vehicles added up to no brunei, king hassan, hidden car as collector “car” in the royal family, the king of brunei almost all the ordinary people in 8 life cannot earn back the money spent on to buy the car, after all, the deep pockets of brunei king worth up to 70 billion yuan, what to want what car is car.As of 2015, King Hassanal of Brunei owned more than 7,000 cars, and 604 Rolls-Royce limousines like the Queen alone.It is not just the king of Brunei that the “tuhao” refers to the people of Brunei. The family also has three cars, and only a few people have two cars.Apart from his love of luxury cars, the King of Brunei also loves “gold”!So with one big wave of his hand, he just put gold in his Rolls-Royce.When the king’s prince and princess got married, several different “gold Rolls Royces” appeared, and even the wheels were covered in gold.There are 382 Bentleys, 452 Ferraris, 21 Lamborghinis, 574 Mercedes Benz and 209 BMWS in the king’s car collection.In addition, the King of Brunei likes to collect customized and concept cars that no one else can buy. If he prefers a certain type of car, he will collect all the colors.To add to his collection, Hassanal will even buy cars that no one else can name or test cars, such as Pininfarina’s wind Tunnel test car, which Hassanal drove off with.There is also this Dauer 962 LE MAN, which can run at a speed of 404km/h in 1998. A total of 13 Dauer 962 LE MAN were produced. After being discovered by The boss Hassanal, half of them were snapped up at once.Not only does the King of Brunei buy a car now, he also owns the world’s largest royal palace, the Nurooiman Palace, which is nearly three times the size of Buckingham Palace.The palace has more than 1,700 rooms, track fields, polo courts, garages, 100 acres of gardens, parking lots and other facilities.As the head of brunei’s harem, the Queen of Brunei almost every time she appears, she can take out a “small gold hill”, covered with diamonds and jewelry as big as pigeon eggs, it is really “rich” two words written on the “face”.Originally, she was born as the princess of Brunei. There are eight crowns at the bottom of the box. The diamonds on the crown are bigger than the one on the other, and more shining than the one on the other.For his daughter’s birthday, Hassanal’s father gave her a private jet as a gift. It was a common practice.On hassanal’s 50th birthday in 1996, he also spent 160 million yuan to invite Michael Jackson to entertain him. Rich people’s happiness comes so easy!It’s impossible to have thousands of luxury cars like the King of Brunei, but at least he has shown us that it’s easier to follow celebrities with money, so try to make money!