The village teacher was convicted of rape 44 years ago and jailed for 12 years. He was acquitted 35 years later without compensation

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In 1978, the year of reform and opening up, people of all ethnic groups may have turned their attention to the most important national issues, but many small things happened in China.Although these small things are not comparable to the reform and opening up, but for those involved, it is a big matter;Being wrongly accused of “rape” is especially insulting for a teacher.01 The story took place in 1978 in Xuanhan County, Sichuan province. It was a quiet day, but the xuanhan Brigade heard that “teacher GUI Zhenshi was caught raping a girl student”, which was rarely heard after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.At that time, the crowd of Xuanhan who heard the loudspeaker broadcast were shocked at the first time. They could not believe that the serious teacher could do such a third-rate thing.After the story broke, GUI, a village teacher, was fired the next day and taken to the local people’s court.In the solemn court, in the face of serious judge’s interrogation, GUI Zhenshi just refused to admit, after all, he had never done such a dirty thing, this again how can let a cultural element to force others as a scapegoat!In the face of GUI’s denial, the court had to sentence him to 12 years in prison.From the moment it happened, GUI zhenshi, just like his name, “as firm as a stone”, whether in prison for 12 years, or after the release of the remaining years, GUI zhenshi and his daughter have not stopped the pace of appeal.Gye filed thousands of petitions from 1978, when he was imprisoned, to 1990, when he was released.Unfortunately, none of these petitions escaped to a dead end…In 1990, China was in the period of socialist market economic reform. Although the market economic system had not been established, the national economic market had shown a good recovery scene.It was in this year that GUI, who was nearly 50 years old, was released from prison. She had been in prison for 12 years, which was like living in an endless hell.02 now finally wait for the day of release, from the prison of the moment, has been as old as 60 or 70 years old GUI Zhenshi looked up and saw the dazzling sunshine, although breathing a fresh air after the release of the prison, GUI Zhenshi is still like a boulder heart general gasp.If you want to live comfortably for the rest of your life, you have to prove your innocence, get your compensation, and get your faculty back.Be taken home, GuiZhenShi money to make money, to can only be achieved through BaiTanEr little income, although the case has been in the past 12 years, but the lavatory “rapist” still faithfully buckle on GuiZhen stone, GuiZhenShi see out of prison in the stands, townsman all around him, lest shun, it is very difficult for him.In the face of such a blow in life, it is even more determined to go on to clear their grievances.In September 2010, GUI was still setting up his stall, but suddenly he received word from the Supreme People’s Court of Sichuan Province that they had accepted his appeal.This made GUI and her family, who had almost lost hope for their lives, feel like sunshine from the ruins.At this time GUI Zhenshi is nearly 70 years old, white-haired he has been wronged 32 years, this case if there is really wronged GUI Zhenshi old man, it should be in accordance with the reasonable legal requirements of the elderly compensation.But the next thing although there is a turning point, but still failed to realize the old man’s long-cherished wish.The process of the retrial lasted about half a year, until September 2013, the old man finally waited for the verdict of the retrial.Because only oral testimony from witnesses did not reveal the facts of the rape, and because GUI has not confessed to the crime for more than 30 years, he could not be convicted.Gye jung-seok was found innocent after 35 years of court rulings.The “rapist hat” he had worn for more than 30 years could finally be removed with relief.She then submitted a letter of compensation to the state, which specified the amount she wanted to pay — 1.98 million yuan.When he regained his freedom, he was already 73 years old. Even if he restored his job as a teacher, it would have little meaning.Therefore, the old man hoped to receive 1.98 million yuan in state compensation, which was the economic loss caused by his wrongful rape and imprisonment. Shortly after the compensation was submitted, it was rejected by the people’s Court in accordance with the legal regulations.The reason given by the people’s Court is that the State Compensation Law was implemented in 1995, and the whole process of GUI Zhenshi’s rape case was released after serving his sentence in 1990. Cases that occurred before the State Compensation Law was implemented were not included in the scope of the compensation Law.Therefore, the old man has been longing for the compensation until now has not received.It should be mentioned that the old man died of diabetes in 2019. After the old man passed away, his family still rushed to this road overwhelmed.