What equipment does basement dehumidification use?Zd-890c basement dehumidifier

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Basement has become one of the necessary configurations of many villas and row houses.The basement, as a complement to the normal functions of the house, has great use value, such as placing sundries, leisure and entertainment, and gathering of friends.However, during the rainy season, the ground and walls of many residential areas and villas are wet, which not only makes people uncomfortable, but also causes the walls to mold and damage for a long time, which gives many properties and owners headaches.So when many people talk about basements, one question almost always comes up: How do you keep them from getting wet?Many people don’t know about this problem.Let’s see!In the past, dehumidification of basements was simple.Dehumidification moistureproof is put a little quicklime charcoal in the four corners, exhaust is installed exhaust fan.The exhaust pipes not only ventilate the basement, but also serve as fire smoke and air ducts, but the previous basement was at most a single floor and not much area.Basement dehumidifier at present, including many basements, as well as the basement of each villa (some are several floors), in addition to the power distribution room and garage, in their free area also set up the video room, wine cellar, studio, etc., very luxurious and practical, but the underground building faces two problems: lighting and humidity;The lighting problem is easy to fix.As long as there is electricity, whether it is regular CFLS or some kind of LED lighting.Basement dehumidifier If you want to make good use of your basement, you must completely solve this extremely troublesome humidity problem, you need to use a specialized basement dehumidifier dehumidifier!As long as according to the actual situation of the basement to configure the corresponding ZD-890C basement dehumidifier and ZD series automatic moisture-proof dehumidifier;By strictly controlling the humidity in the basement, you can effectively avoid excessive humidity and air humidity, providing a relatively dry and comfortable basement environment.Basement dehumidifiers In basement Spaces, relying solely on active damp proof technical measures is sometimes unreliable and imperfect.Once active moisture-proof failure, the moisture-proof performance of the basement will be greatly reduced.Right now, passive moistureproof technology can be used at absorbing indoor moist air and moisture.Common passive moisture-proof techniques for basement dehumidifiers include the use of a dehumidifier or dehumidifier, and the use of quicklime and charcoal as desiccant.It is worth noting that when designing air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air and dehumidification system in the basement, the dehumidification fresh air purification system with functions of efficient dehumidification, fresh air ventilation, purification and dust removal, automatic drainage should be selected as far as possible.