Zhao Jiawen, the last torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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On February 4, 2022, the 24th winter night Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony was held in the national stadium, or the last great into a Beijing Olympic cauldron with the torch which is one hundred years of Olympic history never had the “fire” is destined to become a classic in the history of the Olympic moment is one of the final torchbearer of Shanghai sports college sports education training college class of 2021He and Dinigel Iramujiang lit the cauldron of the Winter Olympics on the stage as the young athletes of the post-00s winter sports. Zhao Jiayen is a cross-country skier who joined the Chinese Nordic combined training team through the cross-sport selection in 2017.In order to make up the gap, Zhao Jiawen chose to “die with their own kowtowing”.As long as it doesn’t rain, he goes to the field or wind tunnel for special training every morning.In addition to the routine training quality and quantity to complete, Zhao Jiwen also often self-training.Knees, shoulders, back…He’s had his fair share of injuries over the years.Despite his hard work, he always smiled and said, “It’s no big deal. I’ll be back soon.”Zhao jiwen did not return home for six years after she began to practice Nordic combined.Nordic Combined is considered one of the most difficult snow events, with the initial team of 20 or so reduced to just five.With a drive to the end, he persevered and made achievements.In November 2021, with the closing of the IAF Nordic Biathlon Intercontinental Cup held in Nizniy Tagil, Russia, Zhao Jiwen ranked 22nd in the men’s individual standard platform + 10km cross-country skiing event and qualified for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, becoming a pioneer of Nordic biathlon in China.No Chinese athlete has ever qualified for Nordic combined before.Zhao Jiawen as the main torchbearer appeared in front of the world, lighting the final romantic torch, the excitement is unforgettable.”I thank my motherland for giving me this sacred moment and letting me light the cauldron.I will certainly bear in mind my sense of mission and responsibility, and strive to show the Chinese athletes’ hard work and indomitable willpower on the field, and strive to break through their best results.”On February 9th, Zhao Jiawen will step on the ski field to realize the debut of China’s Nordic combined winter Olympics.Wish you a good race result!Source: Shanghai Yangpu