Forward!There will be a temporary shutdown of air in these residential areas in the city on April 4

2022-06-09 0 By

Bohai Rim news network news (reporter Gu Shouhe correspondent Hou Yingjie) reporter from the city gas company was informed that because of construction operations, the urban areas will temporarily stop gas.Gas stop reason: construction work gas stop time: 13:30-17:30 on April 4 gas stop area: Tax east, Ruixiang, Tax steel kindergarten, tax east apartment for the elderly, tax steel, Tax Pavilion, tax east housing management, Tax steel bath, Yongxin bath, River Lianyuan notes: 1.Please close the stove switch and stove front valve.2. Users equipped with pipe self-closing valve need to manually lift the air supply before use.If you have any questions, please contact 2057777.