Interpreting the new style of American life: To usher in the next century with the “Lincoln Way” of continuous innovation

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In 2021, the strategic plans of most automobile companies have been blocked by numerous problems such as repeated epidemic and chip shortage.But in China, there are always outstanding people who can do it alone, and Lincoln is one of them.Last year, Annual Sales of Lincoln cars in China surpassed those in the United States for the first time, making China Lincoln’s largest sales country.Specifically, In 2021, Lincoln sold a total of 91,621 vehicles in China, up 48.3% year on year in 2020.On February 4, 2022, the Lincoln brand celebrates its 100th anniversary.As a representative brand of American luxury, Lincoln brand not only has a profound century-old heritage, but also inherits the American spirit of continuous improvement, injecting a new American luxury experience into the Chinese luxury car market.The revival of the century-old Lincoln can achieve such sales results, naturally with the domestic SUV “Three Musketeers” adventurer, navigator and aviator are inseparable from the launch.Over the past hundred years, Lincoln has been committed to the brand’s innovative practices, adhering to the core values, and constantly introducing models that meet consumers’ expectations.”Lincoln’s Way” can continue to lead the trend and refresh the industry benchmark by constantly iterating and upgrading the experience beyond customer expectations.The birth of the domestic SUV “Three Musketeers” also successfully helps Lincoln to explore new markets in The Chinese market, and the sales performance in the “new four modernizations” policy market is also rising.In 2021, in the fierce market competition, luxury brand Lincoln achieved continuous growth against the trend, and gradually found its own market model in the Chinese market.It is reported that Lincoln Adventurer will sell more than 50,000 vehicles in China in 2021, up 57% from 2020. The highest sales volume in the same period last year accounted for more than 75% of the Lincoln family.Such results also make it one of the top five best-selling models in the domestic compact SUV market in 2021.Of course, keeping pace with The Times to meet the needs of consumers is one of the keys to Lincoln’s success in China. In combination with the localized characteristics of The Chinese market, Lincoln proposes three major reforms for its future development in China: intelligent products, digital experience and network modernization.As the first attempt of localization of Lincoln in 2020, Adventurer grasped the “pain point” demand of Chinese people with its accurate positioning, appropriate price and product strength.For 100 years, the Lincoln brand has been focused on forward-thinking innovation practices and committed to its core values.While keeping the product fresh, create more models to meet consumer expectations.There is no doubt that Lincoln found a way to win in China.Today, the new Lincoln Adventurer, the new Lincoln Navigator and the new Lincoln Aviator form a new domestic product matrix covering the compact, medium and large luxury SUV market, and continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the Lincoln brand in the luxury SUV field.Last November, the Lincoln Z made its official debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show.This new car also appears in front of the public with the style of “double-sided design”, highlighting the wisdom of the Lincoln brand connotation.It is worth mentioning that the new model has received more than 3,000 orders so far.In addition, Lincoln Z also plans to introduce a hybrid model to meet the current trend of younger, more electric fashion.The brand connotation of Lincoln design is re-interpreted with Lincoln’s latest design aesthetic concept.MAO Jingbo, president of Lincoln China, once said that as the most challenging American luxury brand, Lincoln needs to “grasp the opportunity, keep to innovation, seek change in stability, and see new possibilities with wisdom”.Indeed, the American luxury attribute precipitated by Lincoln in the past 100 years has been incisively and vividly displayed through the current product lineup and customer experience. This is not the end of nature and will continue in the next 100 years.One hundred years of precipitation, Lincoln has successfully created a very American luxury attributes of the characteristics of the brand, I believe that the next hundred years, Lincoln will continue to write a new legend.In the brand concept of Lincoln, the pure American luxury is not only the quality of the product itself, but also to create a customer experience that makes them feel at home.”Lincoln’s Way” runs through the whole process of car selection, car purchase, car use and car maintenance.According to the brand planning, Lincoln will launch a complete lineup of intelligent and electrified products worldwide by 2030, to promote the continuous evolution of product design concepts, and to the direction of intelligent and electrified.Lincoln’s “Lincoln way”, which Lincoln has always been proud of, will usher in intelligent and digital comprehensive iteration from now on.In 2022, Lincoln celebrates its 100th anniversary.With the rise of young consumers in the future, the auto industry is gradually embracing the young group, breaking the circle and crossing the boundary. In this regard, Lincoln Way’s customer co-creation experience cannot be underestimated.At present, Lincoln is accelerating the iterative upgrade of “The Way of Lincoln” 2.0 in the Chinese market, deeply integrating digital technology with customer experience, and innovatively launching One ID digital platform.The world’s first New Lincoln Way Experience Center was also completed in China, dedicated to creating a digital Internet technology, diversified ecological customer experience space.Uphold the brand proposition of “luxury has its own way”, Lincoln will let more users experience the new style of American luxury.For Lincoln, its adherence to the American luxury positioning, the “Way of Lincoln”, and the firm commitment of China’s “wisdom” to make excellent quality, let it find its own pace in today’s fierce market competition.After the adventurer, Navigator and Aviator, three domestic SUV models, the arrival of the all-new Lincoln Z opens up the luxury midsize car segment.In the future, how Lincoln continues to maintain will be a key to the brand’s future.We believe that the matrix of models under the brand will be further improved to take a place in the new energy vehicle market to a new peak, so that more users can truly understand the essence of Lincoln’s “luxury has its own way”.With the deepening of Lincoln localization and more perfect layout, Lincoln’s future performance in the domestic market is more and more expected.