The drug control department of Damao Banner Public Security Bureau of Baotou city helped optimize the law-based business environment

2022-06-09 0 By

To further enhance the jurisdiction enterprises refuse drugs, boycott telecom fraud and other illegal and criminal activities of “immunity”, minimize the damage to property, on March 15, baotou city public security bureau of alum flag auxiliary police anti-drug department joint anti telecom fraud center people deeply of alum jidong cement co., LTD., DongSheng technology co., LTD. To carry out the “anti-drug + electric fraud prevention campaign,”We will jointly build a “anti-drug and fraud firewall” to help improve the business environment for enterprises.In the activity, the auxiliary police actively interact with the staff, patiently answer all kinds of questions raised by the staff, so that the anti-drug + anti-fraud publicity is more grounded, further deepen the understanding of the enterprise staff on drugs, electric fraud and harm achieved good social effects.