Curling mixed doubles ling Zhi + Fan Suyuan + China Women’s Hockey team VS Czech Republic live on CCTV5

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On Thursday, February 3rd, Beijing time at 9 am, CCTV5 live broadcast the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games – curling mixed doubles round 2, China VS Australia.In the first round, ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan, two athletes of high appearance level, although it is the first time to compete in the Winter Olympics as a team, but the performance was very good, the total score of 7 to 6, Swiss pair Pere and Rios.Facing the combination of the runner-up of the last Winter Olympics (Pyeongchang Winter Olympics) and the champion of the World Championships, The Chinese athletes were relaxed and played steadily to make a good start for the Chinese sports delegation.The Chinese pair will go for a second straight win against Australia today.At 11.30am, CCTV5 live reports the latest sports news from Sports.Shui Qingxia’s Team will take on defending champions Japan in the semi-final of the Asian Women’s Cup tonight, with stars like Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan leading the charge, but it will not be shown live on CCTV.Ahead of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, several competitions have kicked off, with a number of Chinese athletes competing to get off to a good start.The quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey in Spain and the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations.A number of Chinese players will take part in the Turkish Masters.At noon, CCTV5 will broadcast the Beijing Winter Olympic-women’s ice hockey group match, in which the Chinese women’s ice hockey team will play the Czech Republic, a European team.The Chinese team consists of 23 players including Zhang Mengying, Guan Yingying and He Xin, most of whom are from the south, with naturalized players supporting them.This is the first time for The Chinese women’s ice hockey team to compete in the Winter Olympics in 12 years.In order to achieve good results, most of the players of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team, under the leadership of head coach Brian Idalski, participated in the Russian Women’s ice hockey League and achieved good results.China’s Li Nan and Zhao Yang will compete in the women’s moguls freestyle skiing qualification of the Beijing Winter Olympics at 17:55 p.m. on CCTV5.At 22:55 PM, CCTV5 live features The Five Rings – Behind the scenes.Several Beijing Winter Olympics-curling mixed doubles round-robin matches will be broadcast live on CCTV Olympic Channel (CCTV16).9 a.m. Sweden vs Czech Republic.At 12 p.m., Italy plays Switzerland.At 20 p.m., Switzerland is playing England.At 9 am, CCTV5+ will broadcast the Beijing Winter Olympic Games – curling mixed doubles group match between Great Britain, ranked fourth in the world, and Canada.At 16:40 PM, CCTV5+ will live broadcast the Beijing Winter Olympic Games – the event will last for nearly 6 hours.