Maximum subsidy 20,000 yuan/person!Hainan will provide additional medical subsidies to children with preexisting heart disease who receive surgical treatment

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Hainan Daily reporter learned from the Health commission of Hainan province that this year, the province continues to include neonatal congenital heart disease screening and diagnosis and treatment projects as practical matters for the people.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, Hainan Provincial Health Commission specially formulated the Implementation Plan of Neonatal Congenital Heart Disease Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Project in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Plan).The Implementation Plan specifies that the screening, diagnosis and treatment of neonatal congenital heart disease is coordinated by the Provincial Health Commission and specifically implemented by municipal and county governments.The total budget for the 2022 project is 6.3 million yuan, which will be borne by provincial finance. All cities and counties can increase project input based on actual conditions.According to the principle of “screening as much as possible”, the screening rate of midwifery institutions at all levels should reach more than 95 percent based on actual live births in cities and counties.Based on the unit of city and county, the rate of heart ultrasonic examination of positive neonates was more than 90%.The cost of surgical treatment for children will be subsidized in addition to medical insurance.Among them, children with congenital heart disease who receive surgical treatment in Hainan Women’s and Children’s Medical Center and Sanya Maternal and Child Health Hospital (aged 0-36 months and permanent resident in Our province) will be subsidized in addition to medical insurance, with a maximum subsidy of 20,000 yuan per person (those who pay less than 20,000 yuan out of pocket will be subsidized according to actual expenditure).For those who do not participate in the medical insurance for urban and rural residents of our province, the maximum subsidy is 20,000 yuan/person.Surgical treatment will be completed by the end of November.According to the Code of Practice, screening institutions are responsible for informing guardians about congenital heart disease screening and, with informed consent of guardians, screening newborns for congenital heart disease within 6-72 hours after birth through cardiac auscultation and percutaneous pulse oximetry.For those who are screened positive, the guardian shall be informed in time and shall be informed to go to the medical and health care institution that conducts diagnosis of congenital heart disease (hereinafter referred to as the “diagnostic institution”) for further diagnosis within 7 days on the basis of the referral form.Newborns referred to the neonatal intensive care Unit (NICU) are notified by the screening facility to complete screening within 72 hours of birth at the NICU facility.Positive children should be informed that echocardiographic diagnosis should be completed at the diagnostic institution within 7 days after birth.If the neonates with negative or unscreened screening are found to have symptoms or signs related to congenital heart disease after discharge or during routine physical examination, the medical institution with abnormal findings shall be responsible for timely referral to the diagnostic institution for further examination.Diagnostic institutions are responsible for opening convenient channels for the diagnosis of neonatal congenital heart disease, and those diagnosed positive are referred to neonatal congenital heart disease treatment institutions.Treatment institutions are responsible for opening convenient channels for neonatal congenital heart disease treatment, and responsible for follow-up of postoperative children and children without surgical indications.Source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Ma Ke Intern: Wang Fei Duty Director: Wang Kai Duty Director: Shi Yajie Content review: Fan Xueling Responsible editor: Zhou Yu