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“Thank you for helping us defend our legal rights.”During the Spring Festival, Tan Qinzhi received many New Year’s messages, Wang Fuqi (pseudonym) that short words of gratitude, make her particularly gratified.Thanks to Wang Fuqi for the Spring Festival welfare of 100 yuan.Tan Qinzhi is changsha City Furong District federation of trade unions wage collective negotiation instructor.Last year, under the efforts of her and changsha Furong District federation of trade union cadres, Wang Fuqi and other mawangdui auto parts city trade union members can receive the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival three festival benefits to the shop.Mawangdui auto parts City is one of changsha City Furong District large professional auto parts and auto maintenance comprehensive market, with more than 400 auto parts stores, more than 80 auto maintenance stores.In 2019, Changsha Mawangdui Auto Parts City Auto repair Industry Union was formally established.How to let the grass-roots trade union really turn up, live up, become in recent years the main work of the grass-roots union of Furong District.Last year, Furong District federation of trade unions for Mawangdui auto parts city to carry out the auto repair industry group based industry collective wage negotiation.Tan Qinzhi as wage collective negotiation instructor, full participation in the guidance.”It was very difficult at the beginning.”Tan Qin recalled to the reporter, the number of employees in the market, the member unit of individual enterprises and sizes, mostly in reasonable industry wage standard at the same time, also want to often consider the worker really need is what, “collect worker proposal, we found that to carry out the labor holiday welfare is the most, but how to be negotiated trade unions holiday welfare standards is a difficult problem”.Tan Qinzhi went deep into the auto parts city union for many times to visit the survey, to carry out the collective bargaining process of wages may encounter difficulties in anticipation;At the same time, also with the market side, union labor union staff to negotiate the work of the enterprise has objections to the door for many times, propaganda collective negotiation work and relevant policies, to develop a good wage collective negotiation work to lay a good foundation.Last June, Mawangdui auto parts city wage collective consultation meeting formally convened.It was the first collective wage negotiation since the union was formed in the market.After consultation, the staff and the enterprise reached a consensus that all the union member stores will provide the benefits of the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival for the members, and the minimum monthly wage standard for the staff of auto repair professional positions is 2500 yuan, which has solved the urgent expectation of the majority of staff.Tan Qinzhi’s guidance for enterprises and employees to carry out collective wage negotiation is a close approach to the workers and keeps on walking. Tan Qinzhi also found 5 excellent technical workers in the interview and research, and recommended them to participate in the skills competition of “Ten Lines of Champion, One hundred excellent Craftsmen” held by Changsha Federation of Trade Unions.”They [the unions] not only help us safeguard our legal rights, but also build a broad platform for us to develop.”Auto repair worker Chen Yongchun is in the competition, won the changsha city “auto body repair industry craftsman” title.”In my opinion, there are two important roles for a company to successfully conduct collective wage negotiations. One is the union chairman and the other is the head of the company.”Decades of collective wage negotiation rooted in the labor union, Tan Qinzhi has its own perception of this.”One of the most important tasks for the salary collective negotiation instructors to enter the enterprise is to change the understanding of the head of the enterprise on collective negotiation and democratic management. Secondly, it is necessary to open the heart knot of the chairman of the grass-roots labor union and firm the belief of serving the workers wholeheartedly.”Tan Qinzhi said.Launch salary collective to negotiate a job, what should negotiate after all?What problems should be solved after all?Before becoming president of the changsha Xiaoxiang Glass Industry Co., LTD., Liu Yang was not very clear.Last May, Liu Yang was elected as the chairman of the enterprise trade union, the first job, is to participate in the organization of tan Qinzhi Furong district wage collective negotiation instructor, enterprise negotiation representative business training.”Doing a good job of collective wage negotiation can not only safeguard the rights and interests of workers, but also greatly improve the enthusiasm of workers and sense of ownership, promote the development of enterprises, and achieve the win-win effect of increasing the rights and interests of workers and the strong development of enterprises.”In Liuyang memory, this is tan Qinzhi always love to say a paragraph of words.Systematic learning, and then from the point and surface publicity, June 22 last year, Liu Yang on behalf of the trade union, to the enterprise to propose a collective wage negotiation invitation;On July 28, under the guidance of Tan Qinzhi, the enterprise wage collective consultation meeting was held smoothly.Today, the status of the trade union in which Liu Yang works has been further enhanced in the hearts of the enterprise and workers, and the cohesion of the trade union organization has also been further enhanced.”I love going to companies and talking to people and finding out what they’re thinking;Talk to business leaders, talk to union leaders, get their confusion.”Tan Qinzhi said.Over the past 10 years, Tan Qinzhi visited 600 times, for more than 150 enterprises with more than 100 people for trade union business, she ran in the enterprise, propaganda trade union work, for the two sides of the communication bridge, unblocked the communication channels of workers;Guided enterprises to sign more than 1,000 separate collective wage agreements, involving more than 60,000 employees, and signed nearly 1,000 collective contracts for the protection of the rights and interests of female employees, covering 25,000 female employees.Be a defender of the legitimate rights and interests of workers.Now, Tan Qinzhi continues to focus on the protection of the rights of workers in new employment forms, and actively promotes the work of joining eight groups’ construction associations.”As a worker’s mother, I will always uphold my original aspiration and continue to move forward.”Tan Qinzhi said.Source | workers in hunan province