“The world” : water artesian for Luo Shibin to find the truth of the exposure, Zheng Juan let a person love dearly

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Article | setting sun leaves in “in the” latest story, the audience can not help but ask: why artesian water, heart and lungs to get LuoShiBin a son?And even if Luo Shibin overhead water artefact of the factory director position, his heart is oppressed, but still happy to help Luo Shibin looking for his son, once the big brother now live so humble?Water aridity in order to help Luo Shibin fight for the custody of Zhou Nan, not hesitate to use all relations, once the lead brother, now mixed into Luo Shibin’s little henchman, but also by Luo Shibin to call to drink, this gap, is a normal person will be unbalanced in the heart, let alone the lead brother once all-powerful?So, why is artesian water so abnegated, as an ox and a horse to listen to Luo Shibin?There is only one truth: artesian water is looking for his own son, and Robin is a villain!Out of the mix, ginger or old hot, flexible, this is the water self-flow style!Why said Zheng Juan pregnant is actually water artesian child?The reasons are as follows: 1, put forward to Zheng Juan mother and son to send money is water artesian, Luo Shibin is extremely reluctant to start.Is the water self-flow to persuade Luo Shibin together with their own zheng Juan a month to send 35 dollars, including 5 yuan is Zhou Bingkun’s errand fees.If have no relation with the flow of water, he why be most willing to take out such a large sum of money, after all, who earn money is not easy, not just repay tu Self-improvement do not report the grace so simple!For Luo Shibin to find his son is extremely careful, where is this for others to find children, is simply looking for their own children.Looking for Zheng Juan to eat a closed door to find zheng Juan’s husband, looking for Zheng Juan husband not to find zheng Juan husband’s eldest brother to come forward, also not, even Zheng Juan out of the house to escape into the empty door of the brother are not let go, write means, do not use its extreme, also no one.No profit can not early, so heart tao lung, for what?Zheng Juan pregnant, water artesian has been stressed to keep the child.Back pot Luo Shibin did not think of the child to stay, but the water artesian repeatedly stressed that we must keep the child, or this 35 yuan will not be given…Visible, aid Zheng Juan is surface engineering, is actually for zheng Juan belly children do calculations.If the child had nothing to do with artesian water, would he be so “long-term” and “thoughtful”?Water artesian heart is Zheng Juan’s children.Water artesian and Luo Shibin two people were caught, after many years was released, the first thought to see the child or water artesian.He said he wanted to see his child at the first time, indicating that he did not miss his child in prison. If he had nothing to do with him, he would not have worried about him for so many years.Maybe you will say that Zheng Juanhuai’s child, who is the father of her own will not know?At that time a group of big old man drink, zheng Juan a female, still grow so beautiful, hit the person of her idea is not a few, even have intentionally drunk her purpose.Zheng Juan is the child that is pregnant after be drunk, humiliate Zheng Juan at that time more than Luo Shibin one person, the thing that happens below drunk state, Zheng Juan himself is not too clear!Do you think artesian water could be Zhou Nan’s father?The 1960s drama “The World” is hot, once broadcast, the audience praise, the drama by the gold screenwriter Wang Hailing personally, three years to complete the novel adaptation.And the novel is even more remarkable, won the MAO Dun Literature Prize, writer Liang Xiaosheng.The novel narrates the vicissitudes of an era, the vicissitudes of a family.While fulfilling their own life mission, the family is also writing a life epic of contemporary Chinese people.This family is you, is me, is he, is each and every one of us, the world fireworks gas, is the most touching people!I believe that you like to follow the drama must want to see the original novel, the original “the world”, it is worth savoring!Setting sun leaf: I have a pen, can comfort the wind and dust!Would like to work with you, in the words of the years wave light, in the reading infiltration heart growth, thank you love reading in this passing by!