With the biggest scenes, the strongest cast and the most emotion, Watergate Bridge is worth every return

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The sequel to the movie Changjin Lake, The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake, has finally been released in Chinese New Year.In the sequel, Company 7 is given a new mission to blow up the Watergate Bridge and block the American exit.This time the task difficulty upgrade, the soldiers of the seventh company will accept a more brutal test, “heroic” and “sacrifice” become the main tone, death seems to become a common occurrence.Four words came to mind, “Life is like dirt.”There was a scene in the movie that impressed me very much. At that time, the seventh company met with the artillery battalion. Wu Qianli and Yang Commander exchanged pleasantries and made fun of each other in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.Suddenly, Yang battalion commander casually asked, “Where is Old Thunder?”Yeah, where’s Rhapda?The last time they were talking.Wu Qianli did not say anything, but bowed his head and smoked.But Yang immediately reacted and understood what had happened.Watching this, I couldn’t help feeling a little sad. These deaths are so familiar to them that it’s easy to imagine how common sacrifices are.Maybe that’s why so many people came out of the cinema crying.Those volunteers are brave and fearless, the appearance of no turning back, really let a person admire unceasingly, also particularly provoking love dearly.After all, they were only twenty years old, but they were forced to be buried because of the war.This may sound harsh, but the film has also been artistically manipulated.In fact, the volunteers were much more heroic and the war much more brutal than the movies depicted.According to zou Shiyong, a volunteer army who participated in the war against the United States and aided North Korea, it was often snowing heavily, and the wind blew so hard that even walking was very difficult.The worst of it was that the food ran out before the battle had even begun, and they were so hungry that they had little strength.In desperation, the volunteers rummaged over the bodies of the Americans for food, snatching up snowballs on the ground to replenish their strength.But once the battle began, they didn’t even have time to eat, so they had to fight their enemies to the death in the -30 degree snow.Zou said he remembered one scene most vividly: one in which they chased and defeated fleeing American troops, and suffered particularly heavy casualties.There had been about 200 men in three infantry companies in a battalion, and after that it was suddenly reduced to thirty-seven.In fact, this situation is very common, veteran Soldier Ding Genchang recalled the history of that time, his company was about 200 people, only 20 people left in the end.Shang Ruiyao, 88, said that when he went to collect the bodies of martyrs, there were soldiers’ bodies and backpacks everywhere, and the scene was a sea of corpses.Every time he thought of it, he could not help crying.Volunteer Liu Shi ‘an has also seen the brave death squads sacrifice.At that time in order to find a breakthrough, more than 30 people to the body tied with grenades, that moment they will be personal life and death regardless of, without hesitation rushed to the enemy.Wait until Liu Shi ‘an went to see, only to find that only two people survived.Over 30 lives lost in the blink of an eye.Many other soldiers survived the war but were disabled.Because of the war, Quanzhou lost all his limbs.At that time, he was wearing thin cotton-padded clothes and shivering in the snow. Without food, he relied on snow water to satisfy his hunger. In the cold weather of minus 40 degrees Celsius, he lurked in the snow for three days and three nights, and his limbs were severely frostbitten, resulting in lifelong disability.Jing Yuzhuo is known as the Korean battlefield “resurrected” martyrs.In that war, he was alone in the face of the enemy fleeing from the south and the enemy coming from the north, the whole body burned with gasoline pain.But he didn’t want to be left to die, so he threw himself at the enemy and rolled down the hill with them in his arms, making his last contribution to the victory of the war.Fortunately, after the war, he was sent back to China for medical treatment. He survived and is now engaged in manufacturing in his hometown.So, the movie Watergate Bridge is really just a slice of the war.The real war is how cruel and bloody, as the creator may not be able to imagine.Have to feel that the generation is ordinary, is also great, they are willing to pay everything for the motherland and posterity, even if it is their own life.Thanks to their efforts, today we have the opportunity to sit in the cinema with the air conditioner blowing, eating popcorn and drinking Coke and reviewing the past history.So this Spring Festival, we must go to the cinema to watch watergate Bridge, to feel the hard work of our ancestors, but also to show the most sincere respect to the most lovely people.