Former bunny, 42, on his first frolic with a playboy: Forced to take the top spot, he was very mechanical

2022-06-11 0 By

Former Bunny Holly Madison has opened up about her seven-year relationship with Hugh Hefner in the premiere of her new Playboy Secret, talking about the first time she spent a night with the late star.Holly rose to fame in The Girls Next Door, which featured bunnies living inside the Playboy Mansion.The blonde lived in Hefner’s mansion from 2001 to 2008 before splitting with the magazine mogul.In playboy’s Secret, Holly opens up about her first frolic with the boss, recalling a night out with Hefner and his girlfriends at a bar in Los Angeles, US media reported.She drank a lot of nervous alcohol and followed the bunnies to the Playboy Mansion after the party. Hefner went upstairs and picked her first, but what happened left her feeling ‘so sick’.Hefner doesn’t want to use protection and is very mechanical and robotic, the actress said.”It had such an impact on me,” she says.I never thought THAT I would be the first one chosen that night, or that I would be pushed to the top.”Holly also says in the new series that Hefner wasn’t all he was made out to be in the media, and that living in his mansion was like living in a prison where it’s easy to cut off from the outside world.The actor added: “Every night there was a 9pm curfew and they even encouraged us not to be with friends and not to leave the villa unless it was a family holiday.”Credit: Daily Star,Bing