Hot Marketing Calendar for February!Never miss a hot opportunity!

2022-06-11 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming soon, are you immersed in the rich festive atmosphere?Here, I wish you all a prosperous and happy welcome, the year of the Tiger!Give everyone a happy early years!In addition, Xiaowei also brought you a bonus – February hot marketing calendar.I’m sure you’ve also encountered such a situation — scrolling through moments and seeing other people’s posters, you suddenly realize that you can also do hot marketing.However, the hot spot is fleeting, once the period has passed, the hot spot is no longer hot…This marketing calendar helps you anticipate hot topics, capture hot topics, and carefully prepare topics in advance so that your next month’s sales depend on it!Remember to collect, always turn out to have a look!Spring Festival although the Spring Festival has ushered in the holiday, it is a good opportunity to give benefits and develop distribution.This year’s Spring Festival holiday is still special, short tour, peripheral tour is the main force of the tourism market.Businesses can focus on “going home”, “reunion”, “New Year flavor”, “custom” and other elements, to create tourism products or tourism services suitable for different age groups.The start of Spring coincides with the start of the Winter Olympics, a much-anticipated sporting event, and outdoor sports businesses such as ski resorts should take advantage of this opportunity to launch promotional campaigns and cheer for the Winter Olympics.Valentine’s Day valentine’s Day is not only a young people’s favorite holiday, now the holiday crowd has expanded to middle-aged and elderly groups, businesses can around the “love”, “romance” and other themes, according to the different age stage of different marketing activities, can launch “lovers set tickets”, “couples package”, “lovers suite” and other preferential activities.As the end of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is also the last holiday for students before the winter vacation begins.Businesses can use festive elements such as appreciating lanterns, eating tangyuan and guessing lantern riddles to take advantage of relevant customs and topics for marketing.In fact, each marketing node is a good opportunity to promote sales, although February only 28 days, but contains a number of important marketing nodes!Businesses, a variety of full of ceremonial activities can be prepared, make full use of every opportunity to fight every marketing battle ~