How happy!After the arrest of the head of one of China’s biggest football clubs, fans revealed: This is just the beginning

2022-06-11 0 By

Dong Wensheng, the former chairman and general manager of Tianjin Teda football Club, has been arrested by authorities in accordance with the law.This makes many fans applaud. Considering the recent negative news in Chinese football, some fans revealed that the arrest of Dong Wensheng is just the beginning. This time, we will investigate Chinese football thoroughly, and give an account to Chinese football, as well as to the majority of fans.Dong succeeded Gao Yingqin as tianjin Teda’s general manager in 2017, and during his tenure, tianjin Teda spent lavishly on acquisitions and announced its intention to build a united squad.However, the team’s record has never improved and they have always been regarded as relegation favourites.Obviously, the team’s record will not lie, which fully explained dong Wensheng at that time in the process of spending money have a problem.In fact, allegations of kickbacks and the like were rife during his time in charge, until he was reported under his real name in 2020.In addition to Dong, tianjin Teda’s former assistant coaches Chi Rongliang and Wang Xiao were detained in August and October last year.It has to be said that since Chinese football entered the Golden era, the price of players has risen.The annual salary of local players was once around 20 million yuan, while that of foreign players reached 80 million or 90 million yuan.This gives clubs plenty of room for manoeuvre when it comes to signing players.But the poor performance of the men’s team on the world stage in the past two years, coupled with the epidemic, has led to huge losses for CSL clubs.It’s time for the Chinese Super league to be unbreakable.As the tide recedes and more skinny-dipping people surface in the future, it’s no wonder that some fans say Dong’s case is just the beginning.