How to supervise the black industrial chain of “street shooting” aiming at the bottom of girls’ skirts?

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In the popular business area, there are always some hand-held “.”Long gun short gun”;The & quot;”Photography lover”, saw a beautiful young girl passing by and followed.However, quite a few are named “.Street snap & quot;”Is actually voyeuristic.Recently, a weibo user posted the hashtag “…Your street photos are sold.””, exposing a lot of insider information about street photography and candid photography websites, causing netizens to pay attention to.According to the blogger, she received many private messages from netizens, saying that upskirt photos of her were posted on the website for users to pay for viewing. When the blogger found the website, there were many photos of women walking on the road, and the naked moment of women getting off the bike. Many of the photos were viewed more than 10,000 times.The reporter’s investigation found that a number of websites exposed in weibo can not only be directly entered in the browser, but also many websites are related to each other. After clicking a website, more websites can be directly entered.On the front page, you can see a lot of candid photos, and each group of photos is accompanied by a “.Sexy leopard print beauty “;A type of headline that catches the eye.According to the blogger, she has reported the website dozens of times, but it has never been blocked.The blogger also said that not long ago, she still saw a lot of handhelds when shopping.”Long gun short gun”;And decided to release a video to expose the incident.The blogger also summarized the main features of these street photo sites, saying that most of them have a paid membership system, which allows you to unlock more hidden content after registering. Some of them have a monthly subscription system, a bi-monthly subscription system, and an annual subscription fee. Some of them cost 5,666 yuan for a VIP.In addition, these sites also implement a submission system. If the original photos posted by the stealer are set as elite posts, they can get 1,000 yuan, and those who handle elite posts can get 600 yuan.Moreover, these sites often have alternate addresses that they can transfer if the site is blocked.In addition to websites, some micro stores also openly sell candid photos.The hidden nature of this “shoot for a change” also makes such sites difficult to ban.In fact, a black gray industry chain that secretly takes upskirt photos of women in public places and sells the images for profit has long existed on the Internet.A kind of internal code for “;CD"Things are the main circulating resources in the industrial chain.CD means “CD”.Bottom & quot;”Implies taking pictures of a woman’s private parts up her skirt.Some reporters in the investigation also found that “.Street snap & quot;In the circle,””Candid photography works”;As & quot;Resource & quot;It flows up and down.Candid photographer will be “.Resource & quot;After selling to the site, the site charges a membership fee to the individual who sells it and gets it.Resource & quot;Sixty percent of individuals resell again.Originally fashionable wear “;Street snap & quot;Already off the rails, and the woman being photographed is likely to have no idea.In fact, the law of our country has a clear definition of such acts, civil Code states,”Unless otherwise provided by law or expressly agreed by the right holder, no organization or individual shall photograph or peep into the private parts of other people’s bodies..Our country “public security Administration punishment Law” article 42 also provides, peeping, secretly taking, eavesdropping, spread other people’s privacy, can be investigated for relevant responsibility.Lawyer Bai Xiangfei pointed out that taking photos, peeping, eavesdropping and spreading other people’s privacy have violated the relevant regulations of the Law on Public Security Administration Penalties and violated citizens’ privacy rights.Once individuals find that they have been secretly photographed, they should learn to safeguard their rights. They can investigate the responsibility of the infringer according to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, and request the court to order the infringing party to stop the infringement, compensate for the loss, eliminate the impact, restore reputation, and make an apology.Also can report to the public security organs, also can seek help from the relevant supervision departments, let the law enforcement departments intervene, to help safeguard individual rights and interests.Bai xiangfei also said that the network platform secretly filmed video, pictures on the spread of online selling, has been involved in the dissemination of pornographic materials, dissemination of pornographic materials for profit, and can be investigated according to the relevant provisions of the criminal law of the network platform responsibility.In order to govern the illegal filming, it is necessary to govern from the source, strengthen the rectification from the terminal communication platform, and fill in the legal gaps when necessary.As the information society has greatly accelerated the flow of information, the losses suffered by those who are secretly photographed, especially in terms of mental loss, may increase rapidly.Therefore, at the legislative level, legislation on administrative punishment may need to be further updated in combination with civil Code and personal Information Protection Law.In addition, there are industry experts said that no illegal trading, no harm.Only when the soil for black profits is removed and the chains are cut, will the unprofitable business of selling clandestine videos lose its roots and disappear.(Knews, Peng Xiaoyan, Zhou Di, Zhai Jing)