Huangmei County Bureau elements guarantee “Tiger” force to boost the “good start”

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In recent times, Huangmei County bureau focused on natural resource elements, seek deep and detailed, grasp early grasp, see the effect, to “grab real” style, strong guarantee promote landing, boost the county year of the tiger first quarter economic development “off to a good start”.Strengthen key areas, overall planning and guidance.Around the city leading force, more than two belt drive, bit “county development layout and the cities and counties in the first quarter” good start “project list, county natural resources and planning bureau for land planning and review, the preliminary works such as selected location reconnaissance, high quality and efficiency for the new project planning advice issued by 15 in the first quarter, joint reconnaissance site 10 opinions,Planning has played a fundamental role in guiding the overall situation.Dependency active docking project unit, relevant departments, township, in-depth planning space elements accurate differential configuration, in the national spatial planning as a whole over the mountain industrial park, small pool lingang industrial park and dushan circular economy, new materials, new gypsum under Chinese fir new building materials, textile hole points “two garden four area” of industrial space layout,Provide scientific spatial planning guarantee for the “region + industry” map drawn by the county Party Committee and government.We will take multiple measures to accurately set targets.Huangmei county, under the premise of controlling the total quantity in precise configuration construction land index, on the one hand, adhere to the land to go with the project, plan as a whole new construction land index, index of urban and rural construction land increase or decrease hook and focus on investment promotion and capital introduction to the major projects and county enterprise tilt, in the first quarter for all kinds of key project approval of new construction land 2083 mu,Among them 635.95 mu has been approved by the provincial government.On the other hand, it actively communicates with provincial and municipal competent departments to accelerate the project approval, construction and acceptance of the balance project of farmland occupation and supplement and the link between the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land, so as to increase and replenish the reserve of cultivated land indicators.Fine management to improve security efficiency.Natural resources to ensure the total project cycle involving use pre-examination and location, farmers turn levy, collection of reserves, land supply, land use planning and completion check, real estate registration and other seven items, and more than 40 events workflow, huangmei county bureau within the scope of the policy, the depth of tapping, scientific optimization, series of parallel conduction, the provinces and cities review on construction land shall be reported to the waiting for the examination and approval period,We will work out plans for the transfer of “standard land” for industrial use in advance, constantly shorten the time limit, and comprehensively implement the mode of “starting work upon acquisition of land and issuing five certificates jointly” for industrial use.At the same time, the “Gantt chart” management of the element security of each project is implemented to make the progress visible, the responsibility clear and the time limit clear, so as to continuously improve the efficiency of the element security of natural resources with refined management.Top service, continue to optimize the business environment.Combined with the action of “Thousands of enterprises entering thousands of enterprises”, Huangmei County Bureau continued to carry out visits to guarantee enterprises. Members of the Party Group led the business unit to make regular field visits to find out the needs of project elements guarantee and the existing difficulties and pain points, and solve the difficulties and rescue enterprises on site.Before and after the Spring Festival, has 15 times by field visits, for jia chi textile and so on five projects to build a posteriori formalities, step-by-step sponge city grandiose system line projects, xin da aluminum veneer, four projects to be prepared for the land approval group roll material, providing a solid foundation for quarter start project service guarantee,Boost huangmei’s economic development “a good start”, “steady” and “good door”.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: