Quick response, full deployment!Suzhou Jiulong Hospital actively supports COVID-19 vaccination

2022-06-11 0 By

Recently, according to the deployment of suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, Suzhou Jiulong Hospital organized the medical department, nursing department, General Affairs Department, Procurement department, hospital sense Office, public health Department, emergency department, Dushu Lake Branch and other departments to set up the “Kowloon Support vaccination team”, including vaccination, medical treatment, security and management functions.In charge of the COVID-19 vaccination sites in the zone (Daikin Vaccination sites).It is reported that in order to successfully complete the COVID-19 vaccine support work, the team members have received training and assessment on vaccination, information management, cold chain management, AEFI monitoring program and other relevant contents. The Kowloon Hospital has also made detailed vaccination plan and treatment plan, and made full preparations.With the opening of the vaccination site, the vaccination team successfully completed docking with the park management Committee, the Park Prevention and Control Center, Daikin Corporation and other units.After making clear the division of labor, the team overcame many difficulties, such as too many vaccinators, concentrated time, heavy workload and limited space, and effectively completed all aspects of the organization, registration and screening, vaccination, observation and treatment, infection control, on-site first aid, vaccine management and transportation, and material support.By January 25, 10,847 vaccinations had been completed.In the process of supporting the vaccination work, the team members practiced the lofty professional spirit of medical workers: “Respect for life, heal the wounded and rescue the dying, dedication and great love” with practical actions.Their rigor and dedication affected citizens who came to the vaccination site, and some sent handwritten letters of appreciation.It is learnt that the novel Coronavirus vaccination campaign has been launched in full swing, injecting a strong force into the fight against the epidemic.Jiulong Hospital will continue to do a good job in personnel and technical reserves, and be brave to take responsibility based on its own responsibilities to provide a strong guarantee for people’s health and make due contributions to the fight against the epidemic.(Zou Yufen)