“Sanction China if Russia invades Ukraine”?What kind of robber logic is this

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“Sanction China if Russia invades Ukraine”!Just one day after Biden gave his first Russian “invasion day,” foreign Policy magazine ran an article offering a startling insight.Believe that most see the Chinese readers of this article are just like the wind, be astonished at the shameless American media without the bottom line: China is not a crisis of the parties concerned to Ukraine, is not a “crisis” to Ukraine, provocateur, speech instead called on all sides to avoid stimulation tension, just this, also can push the responsibility of the crisis on China, or even to “sanctions against China”?Is this really Aesop’s Tale of the Wolf and the lamb drinking water?Are you really treating China like a sheep?A few days ago, Gordon Chang, a so-called American academic who has made his career as an anti-China scholar, declared publicly: “Why don’t we sanction China for buying oil and gas from Russia so that Putin can carry out his invasion?”As it was, Gordon chang’s reputation and the like had been ruined long ago by the collapse of his “China collapse theory” and the debunking of rumors that few people took seriously.Then, however, an American “serious journal” enters the picture.The American Foreign Policy is considered to be one of the most influential international current affairs journals in the world. Its founder was Huntington, who put forward the “clash of Civilizations” theory, and was known as a leading figure in the American political field.However, such an influential magazine published an article on Monday that echoed Chang’s opinion: “Sanction China if Russia invades Ukraine.”, of course, as a “serious issue”, the article is less empty home badge with sb on it, to appeal, but its own gangster logic, in simple terms, is the article subtitle said the meaning of the sentence contains: “vladimir putin in Beijing found economic lifeline”, Washington only destroy it can guarantee the credibility of deterrence sanctions, so want to sanctions against China.The article said Russia would face further western sanctions if it invaded Ukraine, so Russian President Vladimir Putin has been seeking China’s help.On February 4, the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, a joint statement described Sino-Russian relations as “friendship without limit and cooperation without forbidden zone”.The two countries also unveiled wide-ranging economic cooperation plans, particularly in the oil and gas sector.This month, Russia announced new oil and gas deals with China worth more than $117 billion, the article said.The 30-year deal calls for Russia to supply China with an additional 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year through a new pipeline.This means that deepening economic co-operation with China will help cushion Russia from the possible blow if the West does impose tough sanctions on its banking and energy sectors.”This puts the United States in a serious bind.If Washington wants financial and economic sanctions to convey a credible deterrent to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, it needs to demonstrate its determination to sanction China as well.””The article says.Is the author’s thinking similar to that of the Wolf in Aesop’s Fables, who insisted on eating the lamb no matter how lame and refuted the excuse?Alarmingly, in both America and the West, more than one person thinks this way.Sullivan, the president’s national security adviser, said That if “Russia invades Ukraine,” China will “bear some of the cost.”U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said China’s “silent support of Russia is deeply alarming” and will “further destabilize the security situation in Europe.”Former US Deputy assistant secretary of Defense Robert Coberge suggested that if a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, The Chinese government might take the opportunity to reunify Taiwan.Even Australian politicians have weighed in, with Mr Morrison claiming that “China’s silence on Russia’s border with Ukraine is chilling”.In plain English, they are trying to force China to “enter the crisis in Ukraine” so that they can contain China and make trouble for China while they are busy sowing “war fears” and playing up the “Ukraine crisis”.At the same time, it is a reassurance to Japan, Australia and other small stooges in the Asia-Pacific region that the Russia-Ukraine crisis will cause the United States to deviate from the “Indo-Pacific first” strategic layout.The problem is that America’s sanctions stick has not deterred Russia, let alone China.The US Senate passed a resolution on Monday firmly supporting Ukraine’s independence and “condemning Russia’s military aggression against its neighbors”, adding that “there are concerns that a possible invasion could turn into a European war”.However, there is a lot of theatrics in this move.The Senate resolution has no legal force, and the vote has no official roll-call and no dissenting voices, just a statement that “this Congress is united in support of Ukraine.”The Associated Press reports that many senators are eager to go further and impose “devastating sanctions” on Putin.But with “diplomatic efforts ongoing,” senators delayed legislation to impose sanctions on Russia, leaving the White House to work on its own strategy to de-escalate the crisis.Is the US really trying to mitigate the crisis?Not many people in the world believe that.”The US is escalating tensions in Ukraine and Taiwan.It is expanding NATO and setting up AUKUS and Quad.It smears other countries everywhere and imposes more and more sanctions on China, Russia, North Korea, Belarus, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria.This is a broad attack on multipolarity.Some netizens commented on the current actions of the United States?What is the US trying to do?One Internet user on Twitter used a Chinese idiom to describe THE ACTIONS of the United States: “A sleepy animal will still fight.”As for trying to scare China with sanctions, save your breath.Even the Foreign Policy article acknowledges that times have changed and that China has begun to oppose foreign extraterritorial sanctions.If Washington imposes sanctions on China, it must be prepared to be retaliated against.