Xihuona new “Tiger Treasure” welcome spring

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New Year, blessing, tiger baby to report!As the clock of the Year of Yin and Tiger strikes, the first batch of “tiger babies” are born one after another under the protection of medical staff, becoming the best New Year gift for parents.New life breeds new hope, wish “tiger baby” healthy growth, in the days to come.On February 1, which is 00:18 on the first day of the Chinese New Year, changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital delivered a ringing baby crying sound. The first “tiger baby” born in the year of the Tiger in the hospital announced to everyone in his own way: I am coming!Tiger Boss is a male baby weighing 6 kg and 8 kg.Yang kaidi, known as tiger Dad, said her son was due on February 7, and the baby’s early arrival was the best New Year gift for the family.”We are very excited and excited about the first day of the Year of the Tiger and the hospital’s first ‘tiger baby’,” Yang said.I discuss with my wife, named fan fan, I hope the child after smooth sailing.””Tiger Dad” Yang Kaidi was born in 1993 and “Tiger Mom” Wu Wen was born in 1996.Wu wen entered the delivery room at 6 PM on New Year’s Eve, and after more than six hours of labor, she gave birth to their first child.”Wife you are wonderful, I love you.”Looking at his wife and newborn son, Yang kaidi’s face was filled with happiness.”We also owe it to the medical staff to stick to their posts and have a smooth birth of new lives.”On the morning of the first day of the New Year, Xu Jun, secretary of the Party Committee, Zhou Jun, president and Wang Huiyan, director of obstetrics department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, together sent warm wishes and exquisite gifts to “Big Tiger” and his family.At 00:55 on the first day of the New Year, Jintan shi Wenxiang ushered in his “Tigress”, which is also the second “tiger baby” born in the city maternal and child health care hospital.Shi wenxiang named his daughter “Little Flower” in accordance with the custom of his hometown.”I was so happy and excited,” said Yang yu, who is also known as the tiger mother. “When I was born, I heard her cry and my tears came out. I felt a sense of accomplishment.”Looking at the smooth birth of the daughter, Shi Wenxiang hung heart finally put down.”We named the baby ‘Xiaohua’ to wish her life to be as beautiful as a flower.”Shi wenxiang said that the medical staff are very hard, wish them peace and happiness, good health and all the best in the New Year.A total of eight babies were born from 8 PM on New Year’s Eve to 8 am on The first day of the lunar New Year, including three “tiger babies” after midnight, two boys and one girl.Zhou Jun, president of Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, said that in the New Year, they will serve every patient with more exquisite technology and dedication spirit, and wish mothers and their families happiness and all the best in the Year of the Tiger.Source: Wujin Daily