Diao Bing Mountain recruitment office leadership workers together, strictly guard bing Shan south gate

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March 26, the south of the city on duty, has been transferred to bing Shan high school education admissions examination committee office for the 16th time on duty.Recently, the domestic epidemic situation has been increasingly severe, and confirmed cases have appeared in many cities around Diaobingshan. In this critical period, the recruitment staff led the staff to go into battle and guard the south gate of The mountain strictly.The good external input, only for the health and safety of the people of my hometown.At 7 o ‘clock in the morning, ji Hanguo, director of the office of high school education and enrollment Examination Committee of Bing Shan City, Han Feng, deputy director of the office and some department staff appeared in the south of the city, and the last duty comrades to do the handover, the busy 24 hours began.Buses and trucks one after another, in an endless stream, need to do a good job of registration, there can be no omissions, in accordance with the prevention and control policy to do strict inspection and control, the personnel on duty to strictly perform epidemic prevention duties, to ensure that the epidemic prevention measures to implement details, to ensure that do not leak a car, do not leak a person, the first pass.Anyone who has not been tested should be tested immediately.When large trucks want to pass, first instruct them to pull over and stay put, then paste the seal and check the three code. The driver will show the letter of introduction. Once the health code has an asterisk, the community secretary will contact immediately and push it to the community.Finally, we have to call the delivery side to pick up the car. It takes several minutes to turn the operation down. At the beginning, the traffic is heavy, causing serious congestion.Clever recruitment people are the most good at solving problems, immediately think of ahead of the diversion scheme, sent two comrades to the front command large trucks and small cars naturally separate, immediately twice the result with half the effort.Night duty comrades burn the midnight oil, young people outside the interception of vehicles, inspection of three yards, command vehicles, old comrades in the house wearing glasses meticulous records.Busyness eats into their rest time, and some are so sleepy that they take naps in shifts.At 8 o ‘clock on the 27th, I returned to the unit immediately after finishing the shift to sort out the original materials and report the duty situation by tabulation.Bing Shan city high school and other education admissions examination committee office leadership staff responsible, have responsibility, adhere to the charge in the anti-epidemic front line, has been on duty in the east of the city xiaoqing card, the south of the city Run card.Last winter was cold and snowy;The cold weather of early spring this year has really increased the difficulty of everyone’s duty work, but the recruitment staff never complained, unknown to the public, practical and serious, strict on duty.History tells us that no difficulty is insurmountable.As long as we unite as one, we will certainly win this battle of annihilation!(Zhao Zengyu, reporter of Huashang Daily)