District no. 3 Junior Middle school held a meeting to help education

2022-06-12 0 By

In order to accurately implement the work of financial aid and assistance for students and ensure that students with financial difficulties should get all the help, No.3 Junior High School of Yancheng District organized a special meeting on education help and assistance on the afternoon of February 16, all party members and teachers and head teachers attended the meeting.At the meeting, vice Principal Li Xiaoling first arranged the 2021-2022 spring semester education assistance work, Principal Li stressed that all party members and teachers and head teachers should unify their thoughts, improve their understanding, pay attention to the student assistance work;All head teachers should do a good job in the propaganda of student aid and help, and make sure that every poor student can know the national aid policy and enjoy the corresponding help policy in time.Party members teachers at the beginning of the new semester to do a good job of “big hands holding small hands” work, timely and help the object of discussion, encourage them to work harder in the New Year.Next President wang example to emphasize education aid work again, madam wang proposed teacher party members in the “hand pull hand” to make the temperature, time and effort to help one to one support for recipients to feel warm from teachers, school, country, and attention should be paid to do a good job in this part of the students’ mental health to ensure they can adult success;The teacher in charge is the front-line staff of education to help the work, to really propaganda in place, the good close, to let the students who should enjoy the policy do not leak.