Ear bonus: 4 sweet treasure hot songs, for you

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To each his own, there must be a song you like.ZJN did not wear a long life lock but was willing to grind blood jade hairpin for him. He could not fight but was willing to send troops for him. Tian Xuan, afraid of the pain, would also say to the Taifu that Ah Li was not a actor.He spent all his strength, all his love, chasing after someone he thought he could not keep. At last he remembered that he was a king.2 full of flowers singing: National wind hall/not only one person: three feet qingfeng smile sun and moon, a dream wake up life.There will be a person: I have an old sword to go, cut off all frost and snow not willing to return.Drunk celestial collapse, a horse a wine a sword a proud.Get the sun and moon, wind and frost sand also moments, scan a smile that the horizon, that can have let her.3 mountain month record singing: not only this dream also feel, this month is round, don’t say goodbye tomorrow.Because he was afraid that he was not a pearl and did not dare to study hard, and because he was partly convinced that he was a pearl and could not keep company with the gravel, he gradually withdrew from the world, shunned people, and constantly fed his cowardly pride with anger and shame.But the truth is, my cowardice lest I should be exposed for lack of talent, and my aversion to study and toil, is all I have.4. Spring Festival in my hometownAbout oh oh, I don’t know I say this right here, but I still want to say, I sing as a person, although is a amateur, but I can guarantee that all those comments a wrong, her feelings, singing and breath are very stable, don’t go to criticize others, what all don’t know oh oh but I don’t envy to static good years,I may never sing how she feels. She’s a treasure.Please leave a comment on your favorite ancient songs.