Film unknown first trailer, Wang Yibo acting hot search, highly praised pull full look forward to!

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Foreword: the film nameless released the first trailer, UNIQ Wang Yibo’s acting rushed to hot search, attracted public attention!The movie’s nameless trailer, many people must have seen it while watching during the Spring Festival!This is the official release of the HD version, is still wang Yibo and Wang · Chuanjun this section of the scene, a short thirty seconds of footage, Wang Yibo’s acting let many people see, have a new expectation.A shanghainese dialect, black humor, the action of patting trouser legs, as well as the puzzled facial expression, are well presented, many people are looking forward to, in the final analysis is looking forward to Wang Yibo’s film performance.After Wang Yibo became the top stream, he has been suffering from all kinds of controversies and has never stopped. Most of his voices are with praise, which benefits from the growth we see in him.This is a young actor, but many details in the design, giving people a comfortable feeling, without too much sense of violation, but also has its own rhythm control.Wang Yibo’s national name with the popularity of the road, is the current top flow of rare relevance, this has a very important relationship with his character, do not fight not rob, not good at showing off.Another main reason is that Wang Yibo’s business ability is really resistant to attack. He pursues the perfection of what he likes and loves. He is satisfied with himself and has never disappointed others.In the final analysis, Wang Yibo is in the young generation, in the best, with the strength of the national name and recognition of passers-by, not fans ga out of the sky, also did not rely on the capital of the packaging.People who have cooperated with Wang Yibo have a unified recognition of it, that is, the word “strong” is full of praise.Another thing is that Wang Yibo always keeps a low-key and modest attitude towards acting. When people talk about it, he will admit his shortcomings and what he does not have, he will continue to learn and figure out through a lot of training and self-understanding, and he has his own attitude.It is a process that requires talent. Therefore, when we see many people talk about Wang Yibo’s plays with acting skills, we will have a certain colored glasses.First of all, relying solely on the one-minute trailer, it is not true or objective to say that someone’s acting is good or bad.The reason for the hot search, presumably because of the public for Wang Yibo expectations!Look forward to his film performance, presumably because wang Yibo’s face is very suitable for the film lens, with a certain texture.Finally, or a word to the point, there is no need to a young actor with strength, with too many views, good acceptance, bad acceptance need more.Similarly, Wang Yibo has gained a lot of praise and received more criticism along the way, because the public’s expectations for him are always high.Well, if there is time, we look forward to the movie unknown as soon as possible, the public to see the movie, and then to evaluate!# Wang Yibo’s movie has no name