The year of the Tiger is off to a good start!After the Spring Festival, the electricity activity of 10 places in Hubei has increased compared with the same period last year

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The change of electricity demand is the “barometer” of economic and social operation.Electricity big data released by State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., LTD on February 19 showed that after the Spring Festival, electricity activity in all parts of Hubei province has reached the level of stable output or above, overall better than the same period last year, and electricity activity in 10 cities and states has reached the level of increased output, indicating that Hubei economy ushered in the year of the Tiger “good start”.According to the electricity consumption during and after the Spring Festival in Hubei province, Hubei Institute of Economics and Technology of State Grid has carried out a special study on “Electricity consumption during the Spring Festival” to deeply analyze the situation of stable production and resumption of work of the whole industry in hubei and other cities during and after the Spring Festival.Focusing on the production and electricity consumption characteristics of key industries such as chemical industry, automobile, tobacco, steel and “optical core screen terminal network”, the power big data is used to analyze the electricity consumption of 156,000 special-purpose enterprise users in Hubei Province, comprehensively reflecting the resumption of work and production of key enterprises in Hubei Province.Thanks to the implementation of the policy of “stabilizing posts and retaining workers” in advance, the production and electricity consumption situation of enterprises in Hubei province this Spring Festival is better than that of last year.During the 7-day Spring Festival holiday (from New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the 8th Lunar Month), the electricity consumption of hubei’s whole industry increased by 18.1% compared with last Spring Festival. The electricity consumption of primary, secondary and tertiary industries increased by 22.5%, 7.4% and 39.5% respectively. The industrial electricity consumption increased by 6.5%.After the Spring Festival, the province’s electricity activity reached a stable level on February 8 (eighth day), 6 days earlier than last year.From February 7 to 9 (the seventh day to the ninth day), as the resumption of work and production accelerated, electricity activity in various cities increased significantly compared with the Spring Festival period.Shennongjia saw an increase in electricity consumption for the whole industry, while wuhan, Shiyan, Enshi and other 10 prefectural cities saw stable electricity production.As of February 18, electricity activity in 17 cities (including Xiantao, Tianmen and Qianjiang) has reached the level of stable production or above, and electricity activity in 10 cities has reached the level of increased production.In order to support enterprises in maintaining stable employment and promoting employment growth, various parts of Hubei province actively implemented policies to maintain stable employment during the Spring Festival, and distributed “Spring Festival gift packages” to ensure that workers who remain on the job enjoy a “secure salary” during the New Year.Migrant workers in Hanyang district of Wuhan are entitled to a subsidy of 100 yuan per person per day, and yichang city gives a “red envelope” of 500 yuan per person to non-migrant workers in The city. These measures effectively encourage migrant workers to celebrate the Spring Festival in their hometown and help enterprises resume work and production staid.In the province’s 71 electricity industry categories, during the Spring Festival to achieve increased and stable output of electricity, 9 more than last Spring Festival, mainly concentrated in transportation and accommodation catering industry.The electricity consumption of key industries has been restored to stability, and the effect of stable production has been outstanding. The electricity consumption activity of chemical industry, “optical core screen terminal network” and steel industry has exceeded 70%. The electricity consumption activity of construction and medical equipment industry has exceeded 15 percentage points compared with last year.In terms of key enterprises, the proportion of key enterprises increasing production in Hubei province reached 99.6% on February 9 (the ninth day), and the resumption of work and production after the holiday accelerated.In key industries such as chemical industry, computer, steel, tobacco and other enterprises, most of the electricity activity during the Spring Festival reached more than 80%, a good response to the call of “can not stop work, can not reduce production”.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)