13-year-old Chang Ben-meihe has reached the semifinals of mixed doubles and is expected to compete with her brother for the title

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It has to be said that In the training of young athletes, Ping Japan is really ahead of ping China.Japan from the London Olympics, then opens the date plan to develop, this also let them develop as Zhang Benzhi and, ITO, honestly, Mr. Hirano yu and so on a large number of excellent young athletes, and even ITO, beauty truly is still in the Tokyo Olympic Games partner water falcon, the Tokyo Olympic Games mixed doubles championship, become a ping shi’s first Olympic champion winner.This also let ping taste the generation plan to bring sweet, but also to increase the training of young athletes.In the ongoing All-Japan championships, we see a lot of very young athletes, even 12 or 13 years old, but they are doing well in the competition.Zhang Benzhi and fans are very familiar with a player, he once at the age of 13, he entered the men’s singles quarterfinals of the World Table Tennis Championships, now, Zhang Benzhi and his sister also played a very good state in the All Japan championships, now has entered the mixed doubles quarterfinals of the all Day tournament!In the all-Japan tournament, 13-year-old Zhang benmei and kenta Tian surprised many fans by beating defending champions Ari Abe and Keiya Uemura 3-0 in the quarter-finals 11-5/11-3/11-7.Zhang and The duo then defeated Izumo miko/Izukuru 3-0 in the quarterfinals, 11-6/11-6-11-7.In this way, Chang ben-meihe’s mixed doubles team advanced to the semifinals of the all-day tournament. From the perspective of the process, Chang ben-meihe’s process was easier than that of her brother Zhang Ben-zhihe.Zhang Benzhi and in the full day match partner Hayata Hina, but the first two rounds of the promotion process are not easy, they in the first round empty situation, in the second round met a strong challenge, fortunately, Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina cooperate or more tacit understanding, and finally to 3-2 score by danger.In the third round, Zhang benzhi and Hina Hayata lost another set, but still advanced to the final four with a 3-1 victory.Thus, The combination of Zhang Benmei and Tian Tian Kenta will be in Yoshimura Maharu/Suzuki Li, while Zhang Benzhi and Hayata Hina will face the combination of Uta Yukiya/Miyou Kihara.If they can successfully beat their opponents, Zhang and his siblings will play in the mixed doubles final, which will be a great success for Zhang and his family after years of struggling in Japan.For more exciting content, follow Yang Ge ping Pong