For more than 50 years they’ve been there

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Guo Degang wipes a stone tablet at the martyrs’ Cemetery.Every Qingming Festival, Guo, who has been guarding the tomb for more than 20 years, worries most about the weather.That night, guo was awakened by the sound of rain pouring out of his window and never fell asleep again.Turning and turning, I saw a glimmer of light. I got out of bed, scooped some cold water, patted my forehead, and took the broom out of the door.A field of withered leaves and branches kept Guo busy for four hours. It was nearly 10 a.m. before he could eat breakfast.”Gotta clean it up before everybody goes in.I twisted my right hand and was delayed an hour.”Rolled up his sleeve, right hand wrist, a circle of black marks, is sticking plaster left.Guo degang, 72, is the guardian of the Lubanchang Red Army Martyrs’ Cemetery in Renhuai, Guizhou Province. Back then, he was a veteran.”Used to be a field soldier, shot every time, still have some ability!”Because of the intensity of training, he often soaked in water. After his discharge from the army, Guo suffered from rheumatism, and his legs became uncoordinated. “Walking five miles to go to the market, he would rest at least six or seven times.But old Guo was restless and fond of wandering around. Only then did he discover the cemetery and get to know liu Fuchang, one of its guards.”His beard is white, his head is shining, and he wears a white band around his head, and he keeps himself at his age.”Two years later, in 1999, Guo began to follow Liu’s footsteps, guarding every tree and grass here and accompanying the revolutionary heroes who were laid to rest here.In the duty room, there was an oven, a sofa and a few stools. In the next room, there were more than six kinds of brooms, and enough bamboo to make brooms for half a year.”This is the final resting place of the Red Army heroes, spotless.”Every morning at 6 a.m., they clean the cemetery, remove weeds and wipe tombstones, but the first task is the most time-consuming and tedious, Guo told reporters.”From the cemetery square, follow the steps and sweep down.One broom for smooth floors, another for stone steps, larger in a hurry.”Different types of brooms are used on different floors and in different situations, and Guo carries at least two at a time to keep every corner clean.With all these brooms, are we going to run out?Lao Guo calculated that the steps were worn out and sometimes used up in three days.On average, 80 are used each year;In order to save money, I buy bamboo and make it myself, which costs a thousand yuan a year.When serving as the guardian of the mausoleum, Guo learned two things from Liu: Make sure everything is in order before the park opens;Learn more about the stories behind the cemetery, and be both a guardian and a docent.Before Liu Fuchang retired, he was responsible for explaining the work, followed by Lao Guo.Now, Guo has to carry it all.As time went by, many units often invited him to attend party lessons, talking about luban battles, located in the small cemetery square.”On March 15, 1935, in Luban chang, the Red Army launched a life-and-death struggle with the Kuomintang army.The enemy built forts and dug nets in advance.The Red Army attacked violently, and suddenly guns and guns burst out…”Follow Lao Guo’s explanation, people’s thoughts seem to return to the bloody battlefield, “the Red Army suffered a lot of casualties, but for the three crossing chishui for time.At present, 146 sets of martyrs’ remains have been collected and buried in this cemetery.””There are different accounts about the battle. Some people say it lasted three days and three nights. Later, multiple sources confirmed that the battle lasted only one day.”With this experience, Guo did not dare to slack off on the role of “narrator”, “the mouth should be justified, can not take it for granted.”Lao Guo told reporters that now everyone pays attention to party history study and education, during the Qingming Festival, every day organized worship more than 5 times, scattered more can not be counted.”We must not forget these heroes. Without their blood and sacrifice, how could we live today?The red spirit must be passed on from generation to generation.”For Guo, 2016 was particularly memorable.That year, liu Fuchang retired at the age of 92 after guarding the mausoleum for 45 years.Before they left, the old man clutched Guo’s hand tightly and repeatedly told him: “I still want to stay, but I can’t because of my legs and feet. You must watch the martyrs’ tomb carefully.”You can rest assured, as long as policy permits, as you, until dry up!”More than 50 years, two generations of people relay to protect the martyrs cemetery.Now, alone, Guo still gets up early to clean the cemetery and wait for visitors. “I learned from Liu How to treat my work religiously, no matter how humble it is,” he said.Over the past decades, Liu fuchang has planted hundreds of trees, including small saplings and some with poor growth. The whole cemetery is lush and green.Until her death in 2018, the old man kept thinking about everything in the garden.”What he doesn’t finish, I’ll finish!”A couple of days ago, a tree in the garden withered and died, so Guo replanted it. When he was trying to pull out the roots of a tree, he sprained his wrist and put plaster on it for a few days.People’s Daily (05 April 2022 edition)