Liu Kexun: The first step in the prevention and control of highway interface points

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Liu Kexun, male, zhuang nationality, born in Binyang, Guangxi Province in July 1997, is an active member of the CPC. He joined the public security work in December 2020. He is a policeman of the Third Brigade of traffic Police Detachment of Beihai Municipal Public Security Bureau.He actively responded to the call of the Party Committee, without turning back to stick to the forefront of the war against smuggling, epidemic prevention and control, stick to the nankang expressway to fight smuggling epidemic prevention and control of the checkpoint has been 30 days and 240 hours.”Hello, please pull over and show me your health code and trip code.”In the nankang expressway to fight smuggling epidemic prevention and control card point, Liu Kexun is under the highway vehicles for orderly inspection.For each vehicle, temperature measurement, health code and travel code will be carried out one by one. For drivers and passengers from medium-high risk areas, they need to provide a 48-hour accounting test report, repeatedly inquire and register, and confirm that there is no abnormality before they will let the vehicle pass.”It is not easy to do a seemingly simple job well. When traffic is high, I don’t even have time to eat lunch.”Work for epidemic prevention controls to provide high-speed exit of vehicles, traffic police, public security bureau and other departments of joint prevention group, need take turns on duty 24 hours, to check in and out of all the vehicles, personnel, testing temperature, information registration, lift the outbreak screening “without missing a car, not a” leakage, traffic police Liu Ke sin is one of them.”Expressway entrances and exits are the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control in our city, and I must guard against the virus with all my might!”.As there are many vehicles and people passing by, and the inspection process requires direct contact with people passing by, this also means that there is an additional risk of infection. However, Liu Kexun never shouts or flutters, and strives to ensure that not a single car or person is missed in epidemic prevention and control.Liu Kexun is not only a “gatekeeper” in epidemic prevention and control, but also an “outpost” in the fight against smuggling.During a routine inspection of a small bus on duty, Liu kexun found boxes packed in plastic woven bags on the front, rear and trunk of the bus.In the process of questioning, the driver of the car to answer questions with erratic eyes, words evasive, has not been able to directly answer his questions, Liu Kexun preliminary judgment that the car may be suspected of illegal, then united with the police on duty of the Tieshan Port Public Security bureau for further inspection of the car items.After inspection, it was found that the car was loaded with foreign brand e-cigarette bombs. The driver of the car could not show legal procedures. The police on duty immediately reported to the relevant departments for further disposal according to the procedures.”We will do every car shall be checked, especially focusing on vans, cars, fuel and other suspicious vehicle”, Liu Ke sin to via bamboo-shack highway KouKa point the focus of the vehicle and the accessory personnel are on a careful screening, check whether there is in the accessory items drugs, controlled knives, guns and other contraband, check whether there is any smuggling illegal behaviors and overload phenomenon,We will strictly check the source and documents of the goods, block the inflow of smuggled goods, ensure that suspicious people are always asked and suspicious items are always checked, maintain a high pressure and strike posture, strictly control entry points, stick to the safety line, and resolutely prevent the importation of the epidemic.So far, Liu kexun has inspected more than 4,000 vehicles, not only cracking down on the arrogance of criminals, but also building an iron wall against the epidemic and smuggling.In epidemic prevention and control the smokeless battle like Liu Ke xun unknown civilian police, auxiliary police still has a lot of them have no earth-shattering grandiloquence only in post obscurity and work hard no fongwei feat only down-to-earth, explorations responsibility “outside the input” resolutely defend outbreak of the first solid line