Longhua “Spring Warm bee line” | exclusive new employment groups sign for the warmth

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There is such a group that the more holidays, the busier they are at work. They can be seen everywhere in the streets during the Spring Festival. They get up early and stay late at night.Rain or shine Like busy “bee” life brought the convenience for everyone During the Spring Festival Longhua district of two new organizations at all levels party (Labour) appoint for New Year’s day leave deeply stuck in the service position of new employment groups on a series of warm New Year blessing Let them in shenzhen have a warm heart, happy, happy years Below together to see the warm moment ❤ ~Stick Spring Festival couplets, hang New Year pictures, cut window flowers, beaming to welcome the New Year.Longhua area depends on the community service center, “warm” station, between the party and the masses “rest room” service positions between the party and the masses, to send, send blessings, writing Spring Festival couplets everyone all kinds of festival atmosphere activities, such as convenient for the city life for a long time hard work, struggle with writing the new youth employment groups on the New Year wishes and greetings, and passed the party and the government of warmth and love.Singing and laughing old year, prosperous New Year.To leave a deep new employment community have a good New Year, the longhua district two new organization joint two new party organizations at all levels of party committee, carried out the family reunion dinner, tea party and obligation haircut send warm activities, enrich their New Year with the organization’s warm heart care activities, let them leave deep like in his hometown of Chinese New Year New Year warm heart, peace of mind, rest assured.Two-way enabling, let the love cycle, string the city grassroots governance “concentric circle”, this is the Longhua District to promote the new business type of new employment group party building work of thinking measures, is also an important way to promote the city grassroots governance in this area.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2022, the Party Working Committee of the Two new organizations in Longhua District organized caring citizens to become “little bees” and send blessings to more than 200 new employment groups who stayed in China for the Spring Festival, so that they can feel the warmth of both sides.At the same time, the new employment groups have also become “blessing messengers” to send New Year’s greetings and festive greetings to the citizens who stay in China for the New Year.In the New Year, let’s continue our efforts to warm these people with more warm heart and care and light up longhua, a struggling city!Editor Shen Qihang review Liu Jie