Remember nostalgia! Bauhinia brocade tells the edge of Longcheng

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In April, spring scenery and rain call spring flowers.After days of cloudy and rainy weather, nearly 300,000 bauhinia flowers arrived in Liuzhou city as scheduled, bringing a feast for the eyes and the eyes of citizens and tourists.A touch of bright pink climbs on the branches, and bauhinia flowers sway in the wind, as if telling the story of “flower” and “city”.Bauhinia and industry in Liuzhou from scratch, from small to large, from less to more, now they stand together through thick and thin, into a spring water, flow into the long river of Liuzhou development, into the spiritual blood of Liuzhou people.Citizens run under bauhinia flowers.Qinke takes a flower as the main four seasons can appreciate the love of Bauhinia and Liuzhou, also have to speak from the first bauhinia.Walking into the liuzhou Agricultural Research Institute in Shatang Town, North District of Liuzhou, the museum of China’s wartime agricultural capital has two photos of a specimen of Chinese redbud.Shi Liangcheng, former director of Liuzhou Garden Science Institute, introduced that the best preserved bauhinia specimens are mainly stored in guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Guilin) herbarium.Among them, two c. chinensis specimens were collected from Liuzhou on March 31, 1939 and April 4, 1940 in Shatang Town.It is understood that bauhinia since the 1930s into Liuzhou, planted in the Shatang area, the 1980s was introduced into the streets of Liuzhou, makeup point city.It was not until the 21st century that large-scale cultivation began in Liuzhou and is now all over the city.Every generation of Liuzhou people has different memories about Bauhinia. The growth history of Bauhinia in Liuzhou is also the history of making Liuzhou a livable city.Liuzhou was once an “acid rain city”.Acid rain makes liuzhou people deeply aware of the importance of protecting the environment.In 1996, the Liuzhou municipal government examined and approved 40 measures to control acid rain pollution, among which “greening” became the main keynote of garden construction.In 2002, Bauhinia chinensis became one of the main tree species in urban greening.In 2006, bauhinia was used in streets and parks on a large scale.After many years of management, liuzhou people and nature harmonious coexistence, excellent ecological environment, Liuzhou also became the country planting redbud city.From an industrial city to a livable city is the pursuit and success of Liuzhou people from “looking forward to food and clothing” to “looking forward to environmental protection”.On the first working day after the annual Spring Festival holiday, Liuzhou has held a voluntary tree-planting activity for 12 years.Now, in the west of the guizhong Avenue extension line guizhong Street Park, planted in 2017 bauhinia has long been graceful.With continuous efforts, generations of Longcheng residents have internalized green and environmental protection in their hearts and practices, making Liuzhou a Bauhinia City, and gradually forming a landscape pattern of “one flower is the main flower, and the four seasons can be appreciated”.In the process of endeavor, Liuzhou people provide fertile soil for the growth of Bauhinia root in Longcheng, so that it matches the color and personality of the city, and the happy life of Liuzhou people is as colorful as the bauhinia flowers in full bloom in spring.Bauhinia lowered the kite.Visitors to the bauhinia City is a new name card of Liuzhou city, but also the fruit of liuzhou’s industrial thinking.In April, the Dragon City put on spring clothes, flowers and the city’s agreement is also coming, nearly 300 thousand bauhinia brilliant bloom, blossoming flowers like pieces of pink chardonnays decorate the Dragon City.In the past, Bauhinia was born ordinary, the literati of the past few related ink, the world little know;Today, bauhinia is famous all over the world because of Liuzhou, and Liuzhou is glorified by the bauhinia. Tourists flock to liuzhou and the media report on it.If “Bauhinia Blooms in Liuzhou” is a film, it has spanned more than 80 years.In 1939, when the first bauhinia blossomed in Shatang Town, feelings flowed in the hearts of Liuzhou people.In 2018, Bauhinia became the city flower of Liuzhou, growing and growing together with the city, becoming the “promise of spring”.Watered with love, bauhinia in Liuzhou care more and more dazzling.Liuzhou city garden science institute director Xie Taojie introduces, in recent years, Liuzhou city established a standardized redbud rapid cultivation mode, at present liuzhou has 80% redbud plants are local cultivation.In 2016, Liuzhou carried out color screening of Bauhinia, and selected dark red and pink bauhinia excellent trees for seed collection and rapid cultivation.In 2019, research projects on breeding and edible biological activity of different flower colors of Bauhinia chinensis were carried out.In 2020, research will be carried out on the chemical components and acute toxicity pharmacology of Bauhinia.In order to make the annual appointment of Redbud more “on time”, Liuzhou city has been on the blossom of redbud detailed records since 2011;Since 2016, the blooming forecast report has been released to the public, making liuzhou’s unique scenery as “When spring comes to Longcheng, flowers look like brocade, and people are watching flowers when they go out”.The blooming bauhinia.Blooming bauhinia and Fenghuangling Bridge set off a beautiful scenery along the Liujiang River.Taking root in the fertile soil of industry, bauhinia also has its own diversified forms, cultures and personalities.Last year, sent by Liuzhou “bauhinia enamel color jade porcelain hand-painted general pot” work, from the country more than 1300 entries in the works, and won the 14th “Chinese arts and crafts culture creative contest” silver award.Careful look at the general pot discovery, bauhinia had vitality, they are not to be outdone by the ground from the bottom to the top strive to climb in full bloom, blooming flowers flowery and quiet and elegant.”I was deeply impressed by the spirit of self-improvement of liuzhou people, so I wanted to create a bauhinia image that fits in with the spirit of liuzhou people,” said he Yuan, the designer and daughter-in-law of Liuzhou.In 2015, Liuzhou held the bauhinia Photography Competition for the first time.Since 2016, I have systematically planned the series of activities of “Bauhinia City drunken Liuzhou”;In 2019, during the “March 3 of The Zhuang People”, a series of bauhinia flower activities will be launched, inviting 16 central media and well-known media personnel to publicize and report the blooming of Bauhinia and study its history and culture.Cheng Zhou, curator of liuzhou Museum, said: “Since 2017 we have tried to develop bauhinia series of cultural and creative products, hoping to express the beauty of Bauhinia in various forms and deliver the culture of bauhinia.”Bauhinia has become a bauhinia silk scarf, a fan, a brooch, a creative tea set, a mobile phone case, toothpaste, a mask…It is a feeling, a touchable memory of Liuzhou that visitors can wear and take back to their hometown.Bauhinia can not only become substantive cultural and creative products, but also derive spiritual food because of its inner quality.The Bauhinia Academy of Liuzhou Daily creates space based on the shape, spirit, meaning and rhyme of bauhinia. The Cultural creative corridor of Bauhinia is set up in liuzhou Tourism Distribution Center…It is an audible, visual, and artistic exchange and service platform for citizens and visitors.In a moment, Bauhinia is not only a beautiful city name card, but also a cultural industry chain built by liuzhou people with industrial ideas and spirit, endowed with profound cultural heritage.All these struggles are not only liuzhou’s responsibility, but also its cultural confidence.In the future, the story that Redbud and dragon city concomitantly symbiosis, also will continue along with liu River euphemism low flow, knock on the door enter a household, gather adult person to spread praise song.Red redbud on the bank of liujiang River.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: