Ren Jixuan showed his home, home has a special karaoke room, the family usually like to sing

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When it comes to China’s famous girl pop group, SHE is an insuperable presence.Ren Jiaxuan as the “S” in SHE is also a very good singer.Not only that, Ren jia Xuan is an actress, but also an excellent host.Ren starred in the TV series Destiny’s Child in 2005 and released her first album 3.1415 in 2015.In 2018, Ren jia Xuan even established IKEA “Ren Zhen Mei Mei Co., LTD.”But such an excellent Ren Jixuan, the emotional road is not very smooth.Ren announced her divorce from Zhang chengzhong in 2016.But fortunately, in 2019, Ren jia Xuan found the right person in her mind — Zhang Xuan Rui.Compared with many stars, Ren Jia Xuan’s life path is not very smooth.If there is no accident, perhaps ren Jixuan’s way will be bright!But now it’s time for a change.And what of her home?Like most stars, Ren has opted for a modern style for her home.The floor tile collocation of shallow brown is tonal the home appliance that gives priority to with white, classic do not break tacky again however.The house is devoid of ornate decor, and Ms. Ren’s low-key style is evident everywhere.The feeling that gives a person is overall broad fine place is dense, is full of a natural and unrestrained elegant breath.Although the large objects are more simple, but the small decoration is fine carving fresh patterns, and there is no too much vermilion coating.Perhaps experienced too much wind and rain, present Ren Jixuan also is like the flower adornment inside her house, much appearance is colorful, a hundred flowers bloom together.Of 100 beautiful clusters place act the role ofing to let originally tonal composed table is permeated with natural breath, go up again tie-in pink cloth chair, be like the woman that a charm still puts.And the design of the kitchen also is more contracted atmosphere.Off-white marble brick is matched with u-shaped design, which not only increases the tolerance of the space, but also impacts the vision to a certain extent.This also can see, ren Jixuan should like to cook very much in the home at ordinary times, the kitchen also is not so neat, should be often used apparently.Apart from cooking, Ren is also a sports enthusiast.Do yoga in your spare time to exercise your body, beautify your figure, and brighten your mood.Isn’t that a good thing?Many celebrities like to keep a cute little pet to keep them company, and Ren jia Xuan is no exception.The small and lovely dog makes the original simple and atmospheric house become a lot warmer.Of course, as a singer, Ren jia Xuan also has a karaoke room in her home.Their practice song practice for a long time, and family friends meet together, in the song room happy k song play, is also a happy thing.Different from the karaoke room outside, ren Jia Xuan’s karaoke room in her home has a warm atmosphere of family. The stylish and simple background wall combined with ordinary white lights makes the karaoke room full of home feeling.Ren’s relationship with her family is also sweet.Ren jia Xuan holding the cute dog and her parents standing at home happily taking selfies.They stood in front of a minimalist wall with an artsy decorative painting.The whole picture is just hilarious.Ren Jiaxuan’s past experience, we do not feel empathy, but at least now she can put aside the previous suffering, to find their own happiness.This kind of open-minded life attitude, is not the vast majority of people can have.Finally, I hope Ren Jiaxuan and her family will always be happy, and Ren Jiaxuan’s career can be further improved.