Faye Wong’s daughter, Li Yan, had to order takeout for her New Year’s eve dinner

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The Spring Festival is China’s traditional custom, is also the most important festival of the year, no matter home reunion, or spend the Spring Festival alone, will have a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner, the sense of ceremony can not be less.Li Yan, the daughter of Pop diva Faye Wong, was unable to go home for the Spring Festival. She had a dinner with her classmates on The lunar New Year’s Eve and showed off a large table full of food. She had to order take-out food for her child.It is said that Li Yan is studying in an elite school, which costs more than 700,000 yuan a year.A table of dishes, basically is a grain starch, the cooking level than an ordinary housewife, seems to let people do not have appetite, the most prominent is the lobster tails and grilled fish, lobster looks are not very fresh, color is also very general, grilled fish look more dry, don’t know how taste, estimate is not too good.Tomato scrambled eggs, this is a home cooking, tomatoes and eggs are separated, the soup is too much, eggs are a little relief, and cold lotus root, this dish is essential food festival at the dinner table, greasy, lightening solution is also very convenient, the lotus root slices, after boiling water blanch, add a small amount of salt, vinegar, ginger and mix well.But such a simple dish is not done well, but also put soy sauce chili oil, completely cover up the crisp taste of lotus root.Stir-fry broccoli, also seems to make people no appetite, broccoli soaked in water, put in hot water to cook for one or two minutes, add a small amount of oil when cooking, keep its green color, and then stir-fry, rich in nutrition and good taste.The other dishes looked oily or too bland for any of them to handle.Look at the New Year’s Eve dinner that others bask in again, the difference is not general big.After all, it’s take-out, so we can’t ask for too much. I think that after being away for a long time, I really want to eat Chinese food, especially on the traditional festival day. However, such dishes are disliked by the children of ordinary families.I don’t know if Faye Wong will feel distressed.