Kanye West’s 31-year-old girlfriend, who dated Drake in the past, was not as tight as Kim Kardashian when she took her baby out

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Julia Fox and her pilot husband’s 1-year-old son Valentino took a break from her boyfriend to spend some quality time with him as they rolled around New York City on Sunday afternoon.The 31-year-old Italian-born actress won an award for her role in The film Rough Diamond, but was largely unknown in the cut-throat Hollywood world until the arrival of The Nobleman.

That person is rapper Kanye West, who is also known as Kim Kardashian’s husband, even though he still is, not officially divorced.It’s been reported that kanye West met Julia in Miami around the New Year, and the two have been spotted as lovers since. Just days ago, Kanye West took Julia to Paris Fashion Week, where he showed off some sweet scenes.

After leaving Paris, Kanye west and Julia went their separate ways. Julia kept the style that Kanye West had created for her when she was out with her baby, and the black cotton jacket was clearly designed by Kanye West.I have to say, being in a relationship with Kanye west would be a great way for Julia to raise her profile and be photographed in the newspaper.

Although Julia’s appearance is good, but from the profile and back, it is obviously not tight enough, may have a period of time did not exercise, the feeling of limp and bloated.

The 41-year-old reality star has long been suspected of having implants, but she does resist gravity and is tight enough.

And while she’s out with her baby boy, it’s also been revealed that she dated Kanye West’s Nemesis Drake, which makes for quite a scene.Drake, 35, reportedly reached out to Julia via social media and gave her gifts, including two birkin bags (not much for him).She flew to Drake’s native Toronto to spend time with him at his mansion, but not for long, before finding her current husband, aviator Art Mieff, and having a son.

Interestingly enough, drake’s feud with Kanye west was also about women, with Drake provoking Kanye west several times, saying Kim should have divorced him a long time ago, expressing his admiration for Kim, and even hinting that he and Kim were romantically involved, which made Kanye very upset.But after Kim publicly linked hands with Pete Davis, Kanye reached out to Drake, and the two played a small concert together, which Kim attended as an audience member and was told by Kanye to “run back to me.”The day after the concert, Kim filed to be legally single.