Online class must!Please keep this little trick for eye protection

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Jinan, April 6 (Reporter Tang Lei) On April 6, shandong Provincial Government Information Office held the 22nd press conference on epidemic Prevention and Control in 2022 in Shandong Province.Chen Liangxia, director of the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, gave advice to students on how to protect their eyes while taking online classes.One is to choose and place electronic products scientifically.Choose electronic products with large screen size as far as possible. TV or projector is the first choice, followed by computer and tablet. Use the Internet as little as possible without mobile phone.Choose an electronic device with a high definition screen.Electronic devices should be placed on the screen side facing the window.When using TV to surf the Internet, the distance from the screen should not be less than 4 times the diagonal of the screen. When using a computer, the distance from the screen should not be less than 50 cm.The second is to control the use of electronic products.Online learning is inevitable to use electronic products, but should be in line with could be using less, use less as far as possible to shorten the time of continuous use electronic screens in class, every 30-40 minutes of continuous use, should rest for 10 minutes, during which the eyes to 6 meters overlook, to alleviate eye muscle tension, at the same time, afternoon to do eye exercises every morning.Minimize time spent using electronics for non-study purposes.Three is to maintain the correct learning posture.Desk and chair of the book in the home should adjust appropriate height, the standard sits at the chair namely when, the foot can flatten put at the ground, ham can be perpendicular with crus, the elbow ministry when the back is upright arm prolapse is under desktop 3-4 centimeters.Study at your desk, not lying down or on your stomach.Reading and writing should be “one foot one punch one inch”, that is, eyes one foot away from the book, body one punch away from the desk, pen fingers one inch away from the nib.Four is to ensure good lighting and lighting environment.Do not study in a dark or strong place. Natural light enters from the opposite side of the writer during the day.Reading and studying in the evening should be used at the same time room ceiling lamp and desk lamp, desk lamp should be placed in front of the opposite side of the writing hand, desk lamp should have enough brightness and appropriate color temperature.Avoid using electronics in dimly lit environments.Five is to ensure adequate daytime outdoor lighting.Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control and personal protection, take sunshine outdoors as much as possible. It is recommended that no less than 2 hours a day.In the case of not being able to go out, it is recommended to the balcony, window side to accept the sunshine bath.Six is to ensure adequate sleep and reasonable nutrition.Elementary school students should sleep 10 hours a day, middle school students 9 hours and high school students 8 hours.Diet should be balanced nutrition, not picky, not partial, not overeating, eat less sweets, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Seven is the eyes if there is discomfort in time to rest or see a doctor.Stop using electronic screens during online classes if there are symptoms such as dry eyes, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, photophobia, red eyes, eye pain, etc., and seek medical advice in time if the symptoms cannot be relieved.If parents find that children look at items tilting head, frequent squinting, eye squeezing and other related symptoms, should do a good job of protection to go to the hospital in time.