The Story of Pokhara (13)

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The big size of Nepal’s number one Internet celebrity knife was blocked the day before yesterday and the small size was also blocked today.I wanted to write about knives very much before, but when I started writing, I felt that THERE was nothing to write about. So I delayed until now, and I was afraid that THERE would be no chance to write about knives in the future.1. Why is the knife red?Mainly he found a beautiful middle school students, the age of only 18 years old Nepalese girlfriend Migena, but also with her gave birth to a beautiful daughter Amy.This has aroused the envy of domestic singles, and set off a wave of people to seek a wife in Nepal.Dao, a native of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, was stranded in Nepal in 2019 due to the epidemic while traveling.Dao is plain looking, poorly educated, and unable to speak foreign languages. He has been divorced and has no children, which makes it difficult for him to find a wife in China.But who knew that thanks to the epidemic, she was ridiculed as the most lucky single dog in 2019.2. How high is the we-media flow of dao?As a self-media entrepreneur in Nepal, Xiao Dao has only one account at the beginning: His Nepalese girlfriend, which is his large number. He has more than 300,000 fans in a year. His videos are usually played more than 100,000 times at a time, and many videos are played more than a million times at a time.In April last year dao set up his second account, Nepalese Migena, which is also his trumpet, and within a year had more than 100,000 followers.Recently he opened a third account called uncle Nepal.The account received 160,000 views on its first day.In less than a week, the number of fans rose to more than 20,000, it can be seen that knife’s fans have a great appeal.Because he earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from doing “we media”, which is enough to help him and his family live a happy life in Nepal, he should be grateful.3. Why was dao’s we-media account blocked?The short answer is he’s floating.The detailed reason may be very complicated. The direct cause is that those live broadcasts once again stirred up the we media circle of Nepalese Chinese.Large were blocked, because the knife seems to have signs of calm and ban the knife with his own trumpet posted a brief statement, saying is to take legal weapon to maintain their own rights, but the new message is a knife to trumpet also then blocked, knife did to upset people, caused the hounding of others.The knife used to survive because he could not fight back and could not scold back.There are many reasons why Dao’s account was blocked. Some say he is a fish caught by an electric fraud gang, which seems impossible. The biggest reason is the crazy performance in the live broadcast a few days ago.Some say that his performance in the live broadcast has already crossed the line that a big Internet celebrity should have, revealing others’ privacy, and attacking so-called “black fans” has reached the level of disinformation.A person of low quality can be fully exposed, and will eventually be spurned.4. What will happen to knives?We are not going to teach others how to behave, but we would like someone who is humble and honest.Dao has a child now, and people with families should take responsibility. “We media” has a certain influence, and it should reflect positive energy, rather than speak out of selfish interests.This photo is from the Internet.