A cup of tea to resist spring sleepiness and keep your spring alive

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Qianzang specialty walk the world impression meijiang cloud legend build dream tea town blessed land Meizan Meijiang impression life only a cup of good tea impression meijiang good tea impression one hundred years of quality like spring, is a vigorous, all things grow season.As the weather is getting warmer, people are used to being cold. When it’s warm, people feel tired and sleepy.No matter how much sleep you get each day, you feel like you’re not getting enough, and you feel sluggish all day long.This is what we call “spring sleepiness”.”Spring fatigue” is not a disease, but it can be a precursor to sub-health.Persistent “spring sleepiness” may make the body appear lung Yin deficiency, lung dryness heat, phlegm dampness, liver Yang hyperactivity, liver and kidney Yin deficiency and other adverse symptoms.”Spring sleepiness” is not a disease, but it can not be underestimated, how to solve “spring sleepiness”?Spring is the time to drink tea. Tea lovers generally know that they should drink more tea to refresh themselves and refresh their minds.In fact, Chinese traditional medicine also believes that drinking more green tea in spring can send out the cold evil accumulated in the human body in winter.In addition, the elegant aroma of tea can not only make people feel refreshed, but also promote the growth of Yang qi, which can eliminate “spring sleepiness” to a certain extent.Jasmine tea is also a good choice for spring tea.Jasmine tea aroma is clear wan, fragrant and pleasant, spring drinking, not only can refreshing solution yu, eliminate spring sleepy, more adjust intestines and stomach, hairdressing the effect that raises yan.Chrysanthemum tea is also a good choice, chrysanthemum has the effect of nourishing liver, calming liver, clearing liver and brightening eyes, especially suitable for spring drinking.In addition, chrysanthemum can also drive away evil fire, pharynx swelling, can effectively eliminate the toxin accumulated in the body.Add peppermint to your chrysanthemum tea to make it even better.Besides drinking tea, exercise is one of the best ways to relieve spring sleepiness.Some people will feel very tired, too lazy to exercise, which I do not know for a long time motionless is not conducive to the development of human Yang.Proper sweating can improve the body’s metabolic function and help to circulate qi and blood, thus relieving spring sleepiness.If you want to get rid of spring sleepiness, get moving. Exercise more, drink more tea and sleep less.Meitan Hand-built Dark Tea leading the Impression of MeitanMai jiang impression for one thing, to do a cup of tea), a nice cup of tea Respect all the people I have a cup of one thousand, inheriting good tea to share with you, I have a cup of inheritance in one thousand good wine to drink with you I have a black tea “golden flower” extract powder capsule wall powder and breaking wall, escort for your health I have one thousand years tradition of black tea tea, boil boil together with you