A super-luxurious mansion with over 500 guests and entertainment for five figures?

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In real life, how much would it cost to have a lavish wedding with lavish decorations, room for over 500 guests, and entertainment?At least tens of thousands!However, some say the lavish wedding, which has caused a sensation for millions of people, only cost five figures.In fact, this is a virtual wedding in the game world, from NetEase’s ancient martial arts online game “Against the Cold”, the groom is a famous god hao in the game, he held his first wedding in the game.Although it is only a virtual game world, tuhao said that money is not a problem, but must be 100% realistic wedding scene.Cold under a lot of players in the game to get married, just to get married map to complete the task so simple, but the god Howe, invite the game team use the great god, from all walks of life from the wedding venue layout, exclusive marriage room, with top wedding photography professional presided over the wedding, wedding butler from soup to nuts, ceremony feeling full.First of all, the wedding venue is chosen in the island manor, inviting the top manor builders against the cold water to create an exclusive wedding house, everything is mainly in the festive red, the design of the study, home dining room and bedroom, so that the two can accompany each other day and night after marriage.Also with flowers to spell out the “hold your hand, and son xielao” small eggs.In the general wedding occasion, need to play a wedding video.And he hired the bride’s favorite video shooting team, also has a very popular director in the field of fan video, tracking the shooting of their exclusive love documentary.Will meet, know each other, know each other, love all kinds of records in the video, forever preserved.Also invited against the cold top knead map division, will be two people wedding photos knead like a dream, and made the way of the invitation letter, very formally issued to the friends and relatives of both sides.After completing their ten-party wedding ceremony, the emcees beat the rhythm to the elaborate wedding house, along with more than 500 guests.Many guests are shocked at the layout of the manor, really through the ancient wedding scene, feel a also ancient also today’s top game wedding.When the new people exchanged vows with each other, hidden in the manor fireworks team players also in accordance with the design order, set off the garden of fireworks, staged a fireworks show that belongs to them.At the same time, countless red envelopes have also emerged in the world channel, the entire server players have also collectively sent their own blessings.After many players saw this grand wedding, could not help but sigh to eat a big mouthful of lemon, this is someone else’s wedding ah.However, there are also players said that “advocate online wedding, and amazing and money”, although the five-digit cost in the game is not cheap, but from the real degree is not inferior to the offline wedding, but also can harvest full blessing, is also a quite romantic experience!So, what do you think of the wedding of the century?