China’s first snow car made its debut at the Winter Olympics

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Most people probably don’t know what a snowwax truck is when they hear it.It is huge, the spread area can reach 92.5 square meters, is a veritable “big man”;It is “highly capable”, all kinds of supporting facilities in the car, can achieve 5G, 8K all media transmission.In this Winter Olympic Games, China’s first snow car with completely independent intellectual property rights appeared, breaking the long-term foreign monopoly in this field.What’s the use of the wax truck?”Waxing the skis is an integral part of the Moguls at the Winter Olympics.Waxing is very important for ski maintenance, especially for speed.The wax truck is a place where the waxer can work, rest and even live.”Shandong province sports industry group director Gao Aidong said.Countries with developed snow and ice sports have their own snow and wax cars to meet the needs of athletes.It can be said that a snow wax car is just like a “battle headquarters” during the competition, providing all-round service and guarantee for athletes, coaches and waxing division.In the past, there was a gap in the field of snow wax car in China, and most athletes used the temporary waxing room provided by the organizing committee when participating in the competition.In the Beijing Olympics, to our country athletes to use their own snow wax car, in shandong province was established on November 6, 2020, the snow wax car joint research headquarters, in shandong province sports industry group, in conjunction with the state general administration of sports winter sports management center and department of shandong province, mount tai group and other relevant departments, units, under the unified deployment schedule of command,The snow wax car began to develop and tackle key tasks.At the beginning of the project, due to the strict confidentiality of relevant technologies abroad, and the impact of COVID-19, Chinese r&d personnel could not see the physical objects, and the project faced great challenges.Gao Aidong told reporters that shandong sports industry group in a large number of snow wax car data, information, as well as athletes, waxing division’s opinion, the preliminary design scheme, and in the grope to continue to advance.Before each race, the athlete’s skis are carefully waxed, which is the most important job of the waxer on the waxcar bench.In the research and development process, Taishan Group actively connects with domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and jointly develops key technologies such as skis forming technology, skis bottom materials, skis coating and so on, comprehensively improving the technical content of skis.At the same time, the application of snow wax in different forms in a variety of scenarios has been carried out in order to effectively improve China’s scientific and technological level in the field of winter sports and high-end sports technology and sports equipment.In addition to the research and development of snow wax technology, Taishan Group is also equipped with a number of international leading high-end intelligent equipment for snow wax vehicles, including public health epidemic prevention and elimination all-in-one machine, carbon fiber mountain bikes, rowing and skiing trainers, etc.Through the equipment of intelligent sports equipment, to create an integrated, intelligent, full scene mode.It is reported that the first snow wax car in China not only has completely independent intellectual property rights, but also declared 81 patents including 21 invention patents and 24 technological breakthroughs.Snow truck tractor adopts the world’s leading and independently developed Sinotruk New Yellow River heavy truck, and its power system comes from weichai hydrogen fuel cell system to ensure the operation of the vehicle under low temperature and extreme cold conditions.After 11 months of development, the first snowwax vehicle was delivered on October 27, 2021.On November 2 of the same year, the snow truck went to Chongli, Hebei province, Shanghai and other places, and began the running-in stage of joint training and competition with the National cross-country ski team before the Winter Olympics.These days, snowmobiles follow the national cross-country ski team wherever they go.From the use of the effect, domestic snow wax car to overcome the bad weather, long distance and other problems, for the Chinese national team to provide a good guarantee.(Economic Daily Reporter Wang Jinhu)