Cool!The heavy rain!Thunder and lightning!The wind!

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Unconsciously wandering about flowers know the awaken of spring wind provoking drunk the most poetic season of the year recently yichang sunny weather yesterday and today the highest temperature at 30 ℃ for high temperature believe since spring this year most of yichang these days, everyone felt keywords is “hot” temperature Dally ceng even had time to wear it to rise a lot of spring has been changed into the summer wear the province yesterday in addition to shiyan, enshi, xiangyang local external temperature map are “hot red” will always be so hot “directly into summer”?But this week the weather is about to reverse the hubei bureau of meteorology hubei sunny this week starts on Wednesday is expected to usher in cool rain we need wear long Johns back again according to the meteorological bureau of hubei province is expected early this week in hubei province still is given priority to with warm sunny but with lower parts of the weak shear have gustiness of precipitation precipitation to the one but the highest temperature will remain high most of the high temperature at 25 ~ 30 today16 ~ 17 ℃ high temperature continue tomorrow affected by cold air in hubei province has a more obvious precipitation weather process in one of the east, south to the local heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning winds strong convective weather such as the highest temperature when the temperature drops significantly dropped 6-7 ℃ wind increase 16, according to the weather forecast of China weather network yichang xiao yu turn 23 ℃ temperature 15-17, cloudy to overcast,On the 18th, the highest temperature will fall below 20℃ and the lowest temperature is only about 7℃-8℃. In the middle and late march, there is a more obvious cooling than the early ten days. The weather is complicated and changeable.Temperature difference is bigger remember to add clothing solstice 16 17, the arrival of the cold air will create a nationwide large-scale and hubei, sichuan, hunan and other places are likely to meet the largest since spring thunder convective weather near people to pay more attention to the weather forecast thunderstorm day care rain lightning-proof spring health tips, hubei more recent temperature reached new highs,”Running from spring to summer”, many people went out to wear summer clothes, eat popsicles in advance, and some netizens even posted pictures: “Turn on the air conditioner!”Although the highest temperature in the daytime is close to 30℃, the temperature difference between day and night is large at the present stage, and the lowest temperature is only about 10℃. It is too early to turn on air conditioning and blow electric fans.If you feel hot when you fall asleep, you can use air conditioning and fans for a short time to cool down. However, it is not recommended to fall asleep with air conditioning and fans on, as it is easy to catch a cold.Don’t rush to change into summer clothes, especially those with basic cardiovascular diseases. Keep warm in the morning and evening.If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the day, don’t forget to bring a thin coat when wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt, and add or remove clothes in time according to the activity status.In terms of diet, it is not recommended to eat ice lollies and drink cold drinks early, which can stimulate the intestines and stomach, easily cause gastrointestinal cold, and may also make cold gather in the body, leading to spleen deficiency in summer.Source: Sanxia Evening News